Help Me Name My Blog!

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Help Me Name My Blog!

Hi everyone!! Welcome to my Blog!

I’ve gotten a few posts/reviews posted and am loving it so far! Definitely still getting the hang of it, though. One thing I know for sure is…I want a better name for my Blog.

When the new year started, I was very eager to begin blogging about my current reads and what I thought of them, so I gave the Blog the first (or second, or third) name that popped in my head. Something that said, “Hey! I read books! See??” :)

This is where you come in. I want something permanent, unique, catchy…a play on words maybe, short and sweet and memorable. And of course relevant to reading and reviewing books. So, I need your help coming up with this oh-so-special name. Think up as many as you want and leave the suggestions in the comments. Only serious suggestions please, as I am serious about this Blog. :) Once I have enough suggestions, I’ll do another post where everyone can vote on their favorite!!

Thanks for your help!!

Jess @ Gone with the Words

Jess @ Gone with the Words

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Jess is a 30 something female living in Texas. Most days you will find her on Twitter, giving her opinion on her latest reads, her latest tv obsessions, movies, and hot dudes. In her free time she loves to watch tv, movies, and of course, read tons of books with hot dudes in them. She also makes time to run this blog. :)

6 Responses to “Help Me Name My Blog!”

  1. LetyRoxtar

    Some emo-ish suggestions:-Drowning in Written Words (or just words)-Submersed in an Alternate Readality-Binded by Love-Binded by Words-An Opus of Fantastical Read-ality (or Paranormal Reality)-A Lexicon of Fantasy-Paperbacking through Written Territory-Vade Mecum of Novels-My Tome of Reviews-The Scrivener of Novel ReflectionSome witty ideas:-Read-ily Available-The Readership of the Ring-Words of ReadabilityThat's all I have for now. I had a bunch more but my stupid computer decided to be stupid and close my browser before I posted them … grrrrr…Hope these help! <3 -L

  2. Lety Roxtar

    Just a few more:-Readerly Yours-Reader in the Rye-TReading Softly-Words Unfail Me-Reading Outbound-Gone With The Words-The Great Readsby-Jess Eyre (lol couldn't help myself)-A Tale of One Blog-The Reader's Guide to the Fantasy-A Journey of Novels-A Novel Idea-Novels Escape Meokay I'm tapped out for today LOL ~*L*~

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