Thursday Tracks: Misery Business

2015, Thursday Tracks

Thursday Tracks: Misery Business

HAPPY THURSDAY! Last night on Idol, the remaining girl contestant sang a weird version of Misery Business and it just made me want to listen to the original and reminisce about the good ol’ punk pop days. This is one of my favorite songs to sing while driving. I just basically lose it and pretend I’m a rockstar, lol. So anyway! Here’s this oldie but goodie.




Jess @ Gone with the Words

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4 Responses to “Thursday Tracks: Misery Business”

  1. Jen D.

    I love Paramore. After watching them in concert last year I have decided that Hayley Williams is my spirit animal.

  2. Brittany @ The Book Addict's Guide

    PARAMORE!!!! Man, I LOVED Paramore. I was totally into pop-punk in college and beyond and it brings back so many fond memories! I miss all the concerts!!! I actually went to a Paramore concert with mono (I didn’t know I had mono until after oops) because I won tickets and got to do a meet & greet with Cartel! (They must have opened?)

  3. Felicia_S_The_Geeky_Blogger

    I really don’t think I have ever listened to Paramore. Though I have to admit anything post 1995 is hit/miss on whether I have heard it. I listen to a lot of Classic Vinyl/Classic Rock. I really did like the top song though (the second one wouldn’t play) :)

  4. Lyn Kaye

    *sigh* I miss the old Paramore. Their first releases were just to die for, but I am not a fan of their later stuff. This is still my favorite song from them, ever.

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