Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Friendships on TV

2014, Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Friendships on TV


Ok, so as it turns out, I read a lot of romance and not enough books JUST about Friendship. There was no way I was going to come up with a list doing this week’s topic, so I tweaked it a little. I may not read a lot of books about friendship, but luckily for you (and me!) I also watch a loooooot of tv. Some of my favorite relationships on tv shows are the ones between girls/women, so I’m giving you my ten favorite ones! Hope you enjoy it!


Cristina & Meredith – Grey’s Anatomy

Totally sad about this duo coming to and end! :( My persons…


Lorelai Gilmore & Rory Gilmore – The Gilmore Girls

Is there a better mother-daughter team?! I want to be on the couch with them every Friday night.


Monica Geller, Rachel Green, Phoebe Buffay – Friends

These ladies are STILL my everything…


Lily Aldrin and Robin Scherbatsky – How I Met Your Mother

…But these two filled that whole. <3


Charlotte York, Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes, and Samantha Jones – Sex and the City

The things I learned from this group…

 Elena Gilbert & Caroline Forbes – The Vampire Diaries

No, no Bonnie. I don’t like Bonnie. But I ADORE Caroline. And Elena’s alright.


Emily Fields, Spencer Hastings, Aria Montgomery and Hanna Marin – Pretty Little Liars



Cece and Jess – New Girl

Besties since grade school are always great because they can fight and make up like nothing.


Gabriela Dawson & Leslie Shay – Chicago Fire

One of the most solid friendships on TV…


Zoe Hart, Annabeth Nass, & Lemon Breeland – Hart of Dixie

Sad I couldn’t find a GIF with all three ladies, but I like that Annabeth is bringing Zoe and Lemon together a little bit. :)


What do you guys think? Are some of your favorites on my list? Let me know!



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10 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Friendships on TV”

  1. Lucy

    I love that you went with TV friendships! When I heard about the topic I immediately thought of Cristina & Mer. Nice to see them top your list! And Gilmore Girls and Friends! Doesn’t get better than that.

  2. Judith

    First of all, I am OBSESSED with your layout. I can’t remember the last time I visited your blog, but it’s soooooo pretty! Also, TV has a lot of my favorite friendships. I adore Rory and Lorelai, the entire Friends cast, Cece and Jess, and can Lemon, Annabeth and Zoe please end up BFFs? Also, I love the liars, even though I quit that show ages ago.

  3. Betty

    I love the spin you put on this!! I don’t watch near as much tv as I used to, but I know a lot of those friendships you included!!! You just made me want to rewatch every Gilmore Girls season. I have never watched Grey’s. My book club told me it would drive me insane because I am already a hypochondriac about all things health related. haha I’m with you though…. def need more friendship books in my life. We are addicted to kissing.

  4. Reviews From A Bookworm

    I really like that you changed it up and did TV shows and friendships between women. Monica, Rachel and Pheobe are definitely my favourites, I love them. Meredith and Christina are amazing too. Cece and Jess are also favourites of mine as well. Nice list :) Here’s my TTT.

  5. Ginger @ GReads!

    Ha! I don’t read a lot of books JUST about friendship either, but there are quite a few friendships in the books I’ve discovered… so that’s where I went with my top 10 list today.

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