10,000 Comments Celebration Giveaway!

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10,000 Comments Celebration Giveaway!


When I started this blog, I never imagined that we would be here today. I remember having NO COMMENTS when I started blogging and not caring one bit. But then you guys started coming around and OMG I LOVE YOU for that because it’s what’s kept me going these past {almost} three years.



So to show my gratitude, I am offering you guys a gift!! This gift is open to anywhere The Book Depository ships, so open internationally!!


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Jess @ Gone with the Words

75 Responses to “10,000 Comments Celebration Giveaway!”

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    Congratulations!!!!!!! We have our first snow of the season today. It looks beautiful! (I won’t feel this way in February, but for now I can enjoy it.)

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    10000 comments in less than 3 years? you rock! but it’s really deserved, i love to hear your thought on books and i enjoy coming back
    thank you also for the giveaway! one international!!! YES!

    i hope you will keep enjoying blogging a long time^^

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    congrats! you’re one of my fave bloggers because you don’t limit yourself to one genre or to just YA or adult, just like me. I like you and respect your opinions about books. Keep up the good work!

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    Congrats on the 10K comments!! I’m sure great things will keep coming, ’cause your blog is great!!

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    Jessica@a GREAT read

    Oh nice! Congratulations! I know I felt the same way too when I started blogging! And oooooomg I LOVE the Elf clip! Love that movie! It’s like in my top 2 favorite Christmas movies, A Christmas Story comes first since that’s what I watched endlessly when I was a kid and still watch it during the 24 hour Christmas marathon…until my family tells me to change the channel after a few times! That was definitely a favorite part in the movie too, right after the part where he screams” SAAAANTAAAA! Oh my God I know him! I know him!” Hahaha! Sorry, got going on an Elf run in my head after that video!

    Love your blog and have enjoyed following you these years! Yay to 10,000+ comments!

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    Wow! That is a whole lot of comments. Congratulations! That’s a major milestone. Thank you for sharing your joy with us. I really hope you get 10,000 more. :)

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    700 plus reviews in three years. That is an amazing accomplishment. I’m also at it for about the same time but have only managed to post just shy of 200.

    You have a great gift. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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    I’m going to make pumpkin cinnamon rolls with Trader Joe’s pumpkin butter. That’s good, right? Congrats!

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    Chelsea B.

    CONGRATULATIONS!! Your blog is awesomesauce!
    Something good… Thor 2 is out and Catching Fire is soon to follow!! Well, that’s good news to me…

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    Gaby Metivier

    Congratulations!! I’ve just recently found your blog and it has become one of my favorites, it is simply amazing!

    Thank you for the international giveaway, and I know there will be many more reasons to celebrate in the future :)

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    Rebecca @ Reading Wishes

    10, 000 comments is a great achievement so congratulations! Good news? Well, I’m putting together an event-ish thing next year which is both exciting and a little nervous but mostly good. I love events and organising them and authors and I’m looking forward to announcing it next December. So yeah, you just got a sneak peak ;)

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    Jaseena AL

    first full let me thank you for this awesone giveaway ! I have started blogging recently and i’m exactly going through what you’ve just said ! But you inspired me thanks a ton for that <3

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    10,000 comments is such a great achievement, congratulations! As for something good? I’ll tell you a few good things.

    1. My friend resisted watching BBC Sherlock for months. She finally did tonight and she completely loved it. It warmed my heart.
    2. I read this book called The Hero’s Guide to Saving the Kingdom, it wasn’t anything mindblowing but it was a funny tale, a few funny tales actually, filled with adventure and fun and just goodness.
    3. A local news station interviewed a man who adopted many stray cats and dogs. A while back he had cancer and he started picking up strays in his neighbourhood, he said that they gave him hope to live. His cancer is in remission now and locals in my country are helping him take care of the animals.
    4. 10,000 comments. That means your posts are seen and read by many people scattered all over the world. They share your love and passion for books and respect your opinion. This is probably something you already know but repeating it always feels good. You’re deserving of that, I’m more of a lurker than a commenter but I love seeing your posts in my inbox. So thank you.

    I hope you have a good day. :)

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    Tiffany Drew

    Wow, congrats! 10,000 is a HUGE amount, like, crazy huge. Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway to celebrate!!!

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    Lynn K.

    I went out for a walk today and I visited my neighbor’s puppy. I saw another neighbor’s puppy playing with him (the first pup) through the fence. It was so sweet.

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    Congrats for the 100k comments! That’s a lot!
    My mother bought me chinese food today! Because I’ve been craving since last night. Isn’t she sweet. Hahaha. I think this is something good :D

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    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) It snowed here – you do not want to see my amused face! ;D
    Thanks for a giveaway! :)

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    Fatma Shahin

    Love the gifs :’) there is no wrong time to use a gif, especially during this celebration! CONGRATS!:D

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    A big congrats, Jess! I feel lucky myself because I never had zero comments as I started out :) just lucky! Three years is a lot of time, and I can only hope I’ll have 70 by the time I’m blogging as long as you :)
    So reach 10k followers in another 3 years! That’s what I’m wishing you :) ? ?

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