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IMG_0117Oh hai there!

I’m Lety, and like most of you I am a book lover and fellow book hoarder (still in denial about it though). During the day I work the typical office job and I often catch myself daydreaming about the latest book I’m reading and at night, I moonlight as a super heroine (only in my head of course).

My love of books probably dates back as far as when I learned to read, when I was in elementary my reward for good grades was picking a book out at the store (usually Disney related). In middle school, I made my mother subscribe to the Babysitter’s Book Club and I would get a new BSC book every month (I still own them btw). I then got into the whole R. L. Stine and Christopher Pike, etc. mystery books, and eventually made my way over to Anne Rice, Dean Koontz and Stephen King.IMG_0111 My friends knew my obsession with Anne Rice and vampires and when the whole Twilight phenomenon started occurring they pretty much forced me to read it and that’s when I was introduced to YA.

My literary preferences tend to toggle between YA, chick-lit, sci-fi/fantasy and adult or paranormal romance. Reading has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember and it is my ultimate release from the real world (and the stress of my pretend crime fighting). IMG_0110I’m also a certified geek and pretty dang proud of it. I also like gaming (xbox 360 is my weapon of choice) and love all things pop culture. I collect comic books (though it’s mainly for the artwork) and I watch a lot of movies.

My favorite things in the world are my books, my pink xbox controller, my combat boots and my collection of chucks. So how do I know Jess? Well we met a very long time ago but it was our mutual love of books that sealed our friendship (and twitter lol). She very quickly became my one of my closest friends and has been as such for about 6 years or so. She has introduced me to many bookish things and I am very proud to call her my best friend.


So here I am, hope my review is up to par (I have very big shoes to fill). Until we meet again…

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