About Jess

Hi everyone!

Let me tell you how this blog came to be….

I haven’t always been a reader. I remember being 12/13 and being obsessed with the Sweet Valley High series and all RL Stine books, but then lost interest once I started high school.

After high school I would occasionally pick up a book and read it, but it all changed in 2009. It was actually during Spring Break and the movie Twilight was about to be released on DVD.

For some strange reason, I felt I had to read the book before watching the movie. And so I bought Twilight….and read it in a matter of hours. I then scrambled to get my hands on the rest of the series and didn’t leave my house all weekend.

The rest is history…I was in love with books once again. After reading about 200 books in 2010 alone I decided to begin a blog where I could talk about them. Thus, Gone with the Words was born in January of 2011.

At that time it wasn’t called that though, it was called “Read? Don’t Mind if I Do…” but wasn’t in love with that name. So I held a poll that included names suggested by other bloggers and Twitter friends, and that’s how I got the name for my blog. “Gone with the Words” was probably the title with the most meanings…

  • The obvious: It reminds me Gone with the Wind, which was the first adult movie I watched as a child. I fell in love. Even now, it’s one of my all time most favorite movies ever.
  • It says, “I’ve gone off to read! Be back later!
  • It also says that my mind has skipped reality and it has taken up residence in whatever book I’m reading.

As for which genres I like, it’s evolving the more I read. I love Paranormal/Fantasy & Contemporary YA and Romance the most though. I also really like Urban Fantasy. If it’s a series, that’s even better.

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