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Hi! My name is Tamara.

I’m a 20 something long time book lover. When I was younger I remember being obsessed with R.L. Stine’s Fear Street series and going to the bookstore every weekend to buy at least three of them at a time. I liked all kinds of books and I loved a challenge, I remember reading Dracula when I was thirteen because my school librarian told me it was too much for me.

My love for reading went away for a while in college because I got so busy with school work and other things. It wasn’t until a few years ago a friend convinced me to read The Hunger Games. I read the first book in a day and went out to buy the rest of the books the next day. After that my love for reading came back full force and I haven’t stopped since. I tend to read more dystopian, scifi, and fantasy books but I’m pretty open to all genres.

On top of being book lover I also love lots of TV shows and movies. I can’t even begin to list my favorite shows or movies because there are so many. If it’s out right now, I’m probably watching it. I’m a big fan of the Marvel universe, those movies just make me happy. I love the scifi and paranormal genres, anything that can take me into another world that is completely different from ours.Traveling and photography are some other passions of mine, but books have definitely been a constant in my life. I love talking about books and fangirling over my favorite things.

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