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So yesterday I updated the Categories section for most reviews I have posted to date on the blog. Seems by doing this, my feed decided to republish them all, which is the reason you have close to 200 new, unread posts from me today on your Readers.




Jess @ Gone with the Words

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    Ha ha … I’ve done this before! I’m not sure why it does that … always nice to revisit old posts. ;)

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    Laura Ashlee

    LOL. I was like, “man she just went review crazy.” Then I realized I had already read some of those posts. I figured it was just some wonky WordPress thing. I did see one of your posts on the boys of Dessen and that made me smile. Fond memories!

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    I was astonished to see how my Feedly had exploded but figured out something must have happened with your blog. Thanks for the update!

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    Janita @ Book, Interrupted

    Haha I was wondering what was going on there. No worries, I read some of your reviews and added a few more to my Goodreads page XD I never know what happens with my feed (they have a mind of their own), so no worries :)

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    Ha! I just checked my feed reader and saw that there were 201 unread posts! Unfortunately, this happens A LOT with my reader, so I always have to remind myself “okay, she was probably just updating her blog… don’t freak out!” :)

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