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I began to read the Harry Potter series for bedtime and can’t believe I waited so long to finally read these books! At first I put it off because I didn’t want to read the books, feel to old for them, and then hate a series that’s considered such a classic for so many. Boy was I wrong! Reading these books makes feel like a kid again and I’m absolutely loving it. I’ve reserved these books for bedtime because it’s a great story to wind down with and a real plus has been the awesome dreams they’ve given me!







Ok, so I started reading two books: Until We Meet Again and Wuhtering Heights. I recently signed up for the Until We Meet Again Blog Tour so I wanted to start reading it now, and Wuthering Heights I picked up because my TBR said so (check out my Instagram account to know what I’m talking about, lol). Enjoying both so far!

Rubi @ Gone with the Words

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    Shaunna @ Books Over Bros

    I’ve been (re-)reading the Harry Potter books before bed too, recently, and it’s been so great! Definitely the best kind of story to wind down with.

    Although, I’ve ended up staying up a little later than planned more than once, telling myself, “Just one more chapter!”

    • Rubi @ Gone with the Words

      Rubi @ Gone with the Words

      It’s so easy to get sucked into one more chapter! It’s my first time reading the series, but surprisingly it hasn’t been spoiled for me. All I knew going in was there was a group of three friends who went to a school for magic. Going in blind was the best!

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    I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Harry Potter series! I recently picked up Percy Jackson the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan, and I was a little reluctant to start reading that too. It’s a middle grade novel, and well…I’m 27. What if I found that I was too old for this much beloved novel? But, the storytelling was so rich that it didn’t matter that I was the intended age group! I think Harry Potter is kind of the same way. If a story is that good, it doesn’t really matter how old the reader is.

    • Rubi @ Gone with the Words

      Rubi @ Gone with the Words

      I agree with you 100%!! I’m also super glad that the Percy Jackson series is the same because I got it for Christmas last year and hadn’t picked it up for the same fear. I look forward to picking it up after I’m done with Harry Potter!

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