Blog Tour: Altered by Gennifer Albin – Deleted Scene + Giveaway!

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Blog Tour: Altered by Gennifer Albin - Deleted Scene + Giveaway!

Altered by Gennifer Albin
Series: Crewel World #2
Published by Farrar Straus and Giroux BfYR
Pub Date: October 29th 2013
Pages: 400
Source: Blog Tour
Genres: DystopianRomanceYoung Adult
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Life. Possibility. Choice.
All taken from Adelice by the Guild—until she took them back.

But amid the splendid ruins of Earth, Adelice discovers how dangerous freedom can be. Hunted by soulless Remnants sent by Cormac Patton and the Guild, Adelice finds a world that’s far from deserted. Although allies are easy to find on Earth, knowing who to trust isn’t. Because everyone has secrets, especially those Adelice loves most. Secrets they would kill to protect. Secrets that will redefine each of them. Torn between two brothers and two worlds, Adelice must choose what to fight for.

In this thrilling sequel to Crewel, Adelice is about to learn how tangled up her past and future really are. Her parents ran to protect her, but nothing can save her from her destiny, and once she uncovers the truth, it will change everything.

Hi, everyone!!

Today on the blog, Gennifer Albin is sharing a deleted scene from Altered! Thanks, Gennifer! Also! Thanks to Macmillan, you get to enter for a chance to win one paperback copy of Crewel and one hardcover copy of Altered!

Deleted Scene #3

In the original draft of Altered things went down a bit differently. Cutting some of the scenes and plot lines was hard, but I’m sharing three of them during this blog tour. Don’t forget to follow the tour so you can catch all three.

The character of Dante originally had his own commune instead of working for Kincaid, a storyline that was changed in the final draft. The commune made silk to trade with others to survive, and one of my favorite scenes included Dante explaining what happened when the worms spun the silk, something Adelice related to all too well.

“You know what our primary trade is in the commune?” he asks.

“You provide silk,” I tell him.  Jax had mentioned this to me on the train the first time we met.

“It’s delicate.  Not just the fabric, but the process.  We have so little resources left on Earth that the Guild haven’t stolen from us.  Silk was once a luxury.  Fine and difficult to produce.  The worms die in the process.  We have entire rooms devoted to their comfort.  Our scientists have slowly perfected the silkworms genetics – made them heartier. They now live through several cycles instead of just one.”

“But they still die,” I murmur.

“True,” Dante says.  “The product is not as beautiful as it once was, but the art continues.”

“But why silk?” I ask, recalling the cool feeling of it on my skin.  We’d had silk in Arras, too.  It was beautiful but useless.  There were much stronger fabrics.

“We can’t abandon everything.  Other methods of fabric making require extensive land to grow cotton or difficult science to synthesize it.  We have the capabilities, but we chose silk so that it would endure.  So that someday when Earth is ours again, we will still have some of our arts.”

“And if that day doesn’t come?”

Something fervent flickers in his eyes. “It will, Adelice.”

He lifts a small box from his desk and opens the lid.  Inside a number of cocoons rest.

“Silkworms,” he says, lifting one gingerly and holds it out for me to see.  It rests like a tuft of cloud in his palm. “We can’t have the silk thread without killing them.  We have to heat them until the worms die, only then we can salvage the thread.”

“And is it worth it?  To kill the worms?  What if your science fails?” I ask.

“Then there will be no more worms.” He places the cocoon back into the box and pushes it to the side of his desk.

“So much talent – to spin something from nothing,” I murmur.

“Not from nothing,” Dante corrects.  “The worms spin it from within themselves.  Their gift is innate.  Natural.”

“And our gift?”  I ask.

He replaces the cocoon and draws a thin wooden shaft from the drawer.  A thin, translucent thread dangles delicately from a disc haloing one end, and he begins turning it until it spins so quickly the flickers in my sight.   “I think it’s obvious our gift is far from natural.” He gestures to the device in his hand.  “We can collect and hold the world in place, but we never create it on our own.”

“Then someone must have made us,” I say.

Dante drops the whorl onto his desk. “Yes, we were made.  Perversions don’t occur naturally.”


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About Gennifer Albin

Gennifer is a recovering academic who discovered she could write books of her own and people would read them! She lives in a perfect seaside village in Washington state with her family, but spends most of my time in Arras and other fantastical new worlds. She appreciates strong coffee and bold imaginations, prefers her heroines with sass, and is always searching for her next big adventure. Gennifer’s debut novel, CREWEL, was written during NaNo ’10 and she now sits on the official National Novel Writing Month Advisory Board. Her work is represented by Mollie Glick of Foundry Literary + Media.

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    I own Crewel on my kindle but I haven’t read it yet. Now with Altered out I can read both.

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    Lauren @ Lose Time Reading

    The romance <3 I enjoyed the "hints" of it in Crewel and I really want to see what happens. Plus, I want to learn more about the world! The worldbuilding and uniqueness was my favorite part about Crewel so I can't wait to learn more.

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    Wendy R

    Honestly, I haven’t read the first book yet. I have heard so many great things about it though and the more I wait the more anxious I get. I hope to read them both very soon!

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    Well, I haven’t read Crewel yet…But I’m looking forward to reading both Crewel and Altered because I love the Dystopian genre (it’s my favourite) and they just sound really good!! :)

  5. Tamara


    I want to see more of this world and how it works, and more of Adelice I really loved her in the first book :)

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    I haven’t read the first one yet, but this series sounds amazing!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

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    Well, I haven’t yet read Crewel, so I can’t answer the q, so yeah ;)

    I’ve been looking forward to read it for a long time, and I’ve heard a lot of positive things about it! And, oh, that scene! It’s a very different scene from the one I was expecting; it intrigues me a lot :)

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    Sandy Xiong

    Everything! Considering I haven’t read any books by this author, I want to see how the book is. It seems interesting already though

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    Thanks for the deleted scene! I am just ready to catch up–it seems like so long since Crewel came out!

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