Cover Reveal: Addicted to You

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Cover Reveal: Addicted to You

NA Contemporary Romance
Coming end of June 2013!

When twenty-one-year-old Leah Carter’s latest one night stand burglarizes her apartment, her roommate forces her to attend therapy for sex addicts. Leah insists she isn’t a sex addict; she just doesn’t do relationships. After all, sooner or later, everyone lets you down.

At first, the group sessions are little more than an education on how to be promiscuous. Until she meets the newest addict—blue eyes, killer body, and a smile that tempts relapse.

Psychology student Will McLean is posing as a fellow addict while researching a case study on unusual addictions. But the more he learns about Leah, the more certain he is that his desire to break through her walls and unearth her secrets has nothing to do with his assignment.

As the uncertainties spike alongside the sexual tension, the only thing Leah knows for sure is that falling in love would be disastrous. Too bad love might be one addiction she can’t kick.

You guys! This books sounds REALLY GOOD and the I love the cover! I know a lot of people aren’t fans of almost kissing on covers, but I love it, haha. Add this to your Goodreads, and be sure to buy it when it comes out!

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Jess @ Gone with the Words

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    Bookworm Brandee

    I have to agree with you, Jess! I think the book does sound really interesting…and I love the cover too! :) Thanks for sharing it. I’ve added it to my TBR.

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