14 Days of Fictional Swoon: Scenes That Make My Heart Race

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14 Days of Fictional Swoon: Scenes That Make My Heart Race

When the ladies of Fiction Fare and Swoony Boys Podcast extended the invitation to be a part of this event I had to say yes! I love romance and swoon and could not pass this up.

So for my stop I’ll be sharing some favorite scenes that make my heart race every. single. time! I hope some of yours and mine are the same. Are you ready??

Scenes That Make My Heart Race

Where She Went by Gayle Forman

I look at her there in the shadows of the shut-down city, her hair falling onto her face, and I can see her trying to figure out if I’ve lost it. And I have to fight the urge to take her by the shoulders and slam her against a shuttered building until we feel the vibrations ringing through both of us. Because I suddenly want to hear her bones rattle. I want to feel the softness of her flesh give, to hear her gasp as my hip bone jams into her. I want to yank her head back until her neck is exposed. I want to rip my hands through her hair until her breath is labored. I want to make her cry and then lick up the tears. And then I want to take my mouth to hers, to devour her alive, to transmit all the things she can’t understand.


The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

“Come on. You have to admit, it’s sort of ridiculous.”

“What is?”

Now that I had to define it, I found myself struggling for the right words. “You know,” I said, then figured Kristy had really summed it up best. “The sa-woon.”

“The what?”

“Wes, come on,” I said. “Are you seriously not aware of how girls stare at you?”

He rolled his eyes, leaning back on his palms. “Let’s get back to the idea of you being perfect.”

“Seriously. What’s it like?”

“Being perfect? I wouldn’t know.”

“Not being perfect.” I sighed. “Being…”

As I tried to come up with something, he flicked a bug off his arm.

“…gorgeous,” I finished. […]

“Again,” he said, as the parking lot girls passed by, eyeing both of us, “I wouldn’t know. You tell me.”


Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

We are kissing like crazy. Like our lives depend on it. His tongue slips inside my mouth, gentle but demanding, and it’s nothing like I’ve ever experienced, and I suddenly understand why people describe kissing as melting because every square inch of my body dissolves into his. My fingers grip his hair, pulling him closer. My veins throb and my heart explodes. I have never wanted anyone like this before. Ever.
He pushes me backward and we’re lying down, making out in front of the children with their red balloons and the old men with their chess sets and the
tourists with their laminated maps and I don’t care, I don’t care about any of that.
All I want is Étienne.
The weight of his body on top of mine is extraordinary. I feel him—all of him—pressed against me, and I inhale his shaving cream, his shampoo, and
that extra scent that’s just . . . him. The most delicious smell I could ever imagine.
I want to breathe him, lick him, eat him, drink him. His lips taste like honey. His face has the slightest bit of stubble and it rubs my skin but I don’t care, I
don’t care at all. He feels wonderful. His hands are everywhere, and it doesn’t matter that his mouth is already on top of mine, I want him closer closer

Did any of these make your heart speed up a little??


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6 Responses to “14 Days of Fictional Swoon: Scenes That Make My Heart Race”

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    Love these quotes, they definitely bring the swoon factor! I’m enjoying this event and as I’ve been hopping along, I’ve been wondering if the giveaway is open internationally? It doesn’t specify in the rules and was hoping you could clarify. Thanks!

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    Jessica@Lovin' Los Libros

    Oh I love that Anna scene! I’ve never read a Sarah Dessen book but that scene was adorable! I think The Truth About Forever is the one I borrowed from my cousin and never gave back. I’ll need to find time for it!

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    I’ve read all of this book, and I have to say, they’re all amazing! The Truth About Forever is the first Sarah Dessen’s book and the first ya contemporary I’ve read. Those quotes really make me want to re-read all of those books!

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