#FitReaders Weekly Check-In: Jan. 18th, 2015

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Happy Sunday, everyone!

Each Sunday I will be posting these check-ins, which will reflect activities from Sundays to Saturdays. Here’s how I did this week…

So I’ve been a little under the weather this whole damn week, which really messed up my work out routine. It sucks!! I got a good work-out in Monday, then Tuesday I had a migraine, then Wednesday the allergies from hell hit. Went to the ENT doctor the next day and she gave me some stuff to take for six days…

So I started taking these on Friday and started feeling human again, and yesterday I had energy enough to get on the treadmill for a little while. I also got on it last Sunday and Monday, so three days isn’t bad.


Even though I was under the weather, it was one of my busiest work weeks. My boss’s kid was sick so I had extra work to do to cover her, and I was running around a lot of the time, so my steps weren’t completely dreadful, except for Tuesday were I was pretty much in bed all day with that migraine…


Here’s to a better week of work-outs!
How did you guys do??


Jess @ Gone with the Words

5 Responses to “#FitReaders Weekly Check-In: Jan. 18th, 2015”

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    I have a migraine today so I feel your pain (literally). Hope you’re feeling better. Great job on your steps! :)

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    Stephanie @ Once Upon a Chapter

    Oh I hope that migraine is better now! I had to take those very meds a few months ago because the pressure in my head wouldn’t equal out. Basically I needed to pop my ears but couldn’t because the air was trapped in the wrong part. Lol.

    You still did awesome with making time for fitness despite being sick. Go you!

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