Gone with her Thoughts: Submitting Reviews

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Gone with her Thoughts: Submitting Reviews

I know it may seem odd for a person who’s been blogging about books for three years to ask this but…

How do YOU submit reviews to publishers?

I’m asking for a friend…

Just kidding! I’ll admit that I’m THE WORSE at doing this. Most of the time I just forget to do it. I’m pretty good at emailing links of scheduled posts to individual publisher emails. Like, when they specifically contact me about a particular book, after all is said and done, I’ll reply with a link to that post. Or when I’m on a book/blog tour, I always reply with the link. Also, I’m good about submitting my feedback on Netgalley and Edelweiss, and that’s because there’s a space for me to do that easily.

I think my issue is with all those other books for review. The ones that are requested or just sent out to us. I’m wondering what the best way is to send review links of those, and how often. Do you send one individual email for each book review, or do you send a bunch of links at once, like a round-up? Or if sending review links and not the actual text is how I’m supposed to do it? Do I send them to the one contact person I have for each publisher (not saying I have one for each publisher, FYI)?


What do you guys do? If you feel like sharing, awesome. If not, it’s totally cool. Though, this might help not only me but other bloggers out there!



Jess @ Gone with the Words

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    anna@herding cats & burning soup

    For me it just depends. If the author/pub sent them sometimes I’ll just shoot a note to whoever the contact was that mailed/emailed it to me with a quick hey! I reviewed xyz on the blog. And then leave the link. But more often–if it’s not one I specifically said I was taking for review and they just sent it–I’ll tag the author and publisher in a post on twitter with the link to the review.

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    Marie @ Marie Loves Books

    I will usually do the same — if I was contacted about a book/blog tour I’ll just reply to that email when the link is live. If it’s one that I’ve requested and/or was just sent I would send the link to the appropriate person for that publishing company saying, “Hello, just wanted to let you know I posted the review for _____ here’s the link!” I tend to keep it simple as they probably have a ton of emails to go through lol

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      Jess @ Gone with the Words

      You’re right, I’m sure they do get a ton of emails. That’s one way I’ve thought of doing it before, but again, I either forget, or don’t know who to send to. I’m sure if I actually try I could find out who to email…lazy! lol Thanks, Marie!

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    Felicia the Geeky Blogger

    I do it through Edelweiss (since most books are there) and otherwise I don’t (unless they ask me). On a whole, I figure that if they were really worried about it they will set up a google alert (yes I am that tech geeky).

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    Sara @ Just Another Story

    Twitter! I always tweet my reviews and for the most part I will include the publisher in the tweet. So they can see that the review is up, and do with it what they please. There are a couple specific contacts that I have that I will send a link to my review when it’s posted (as per their request), but not every time.

    I think it’s hard to know what the right procedure should be.

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    Brittany @ The Book Addict's Guide

    I’m pretty bad at doing this too haha. I usually just tag the pubs when I post my reviews on Twitter but I also feel like that’s not enough! I’ve only sent a couple of emails out but I feel like this is something I should do more often? I feel weird sending emails if I didn’t get the book directly from the publisher — like Shelf Awareness or from a giveaway. I’m not sure if that would be helpful or just annoying…
    I was just talking with people about submitting reviews through Edelweiss even if you didn’t get the book from there, which I didn’t even know you could do until this week! That seems like a less… confrontational? way to do it instead of sending a direct email. Maybe I will start doing that with books I didn’t get directly from the publisher! I just really need to get better at sending my reviews to the pub too!
    Great post! Loved reading all of the answers!

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    Shannelle C.

    I’ve never done such a thing, because the only thing that I used was Netgalley, and you can easily send your feedback back. If it was me, though, I would try sending a roundup of it all once, and then include a note at the bottom asking them what method they prefer. If they don’t contact you back, then you can just go along your merry way doing what you do until they do mention their preference.

    Or you can always post the review and then make a shoutout to the publisher. :)

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    Tabitha the Pabkins

    If I get it over Edelweiss or NetGalley then I submit the review back through that site.
    If I had emailed a publisher requesting it – then I email the review to them. Usually I just provide them a link to my completed review on my blog and state the other places I’ve posted the review to. If I don’t have a specific publicists email address I email it to the generic publicity email address that you can usually easily find on any publisher’s website.

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