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Gone with the Words


We did it!! Thank you everyone for helping me name my blog!! I’m so happy with the winning name!

“Gone with the Words” was probably the title with the most meanings…

  • The obvious: It reminds me Gone with the Wind, which was the first adult movie I watched as a child. I fell in love. Even now, it’s one of my all time most favorite movies ever.
  • It says, “I’ve gone off to read! Be back later!
  • It also says that my mind has skipped reality and it has taken up residence in whatever book I’m reading.

Now that we have a name, the blog will go Under Construction to make it look better for you guys. I’m planning to do a giveaway to celebrate the unveiling once it’s finished! I have to think of something good for you guys!

So, thanks again to everyone who voted and especially to those who contributed suggestions. Some of those were so good that they were already taken!

Jess @ Gone with the Words

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    Yay! Love your different meanings & your post makes me want to watch Gone with the Wind for the first time ever =)

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