Help Me Name My Blog!

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Help Me Name My Blog!

Hi everyone!! Welcome to my Blog!

I’ve gotten a few posts/reviews posted and am loving it so far! Definitely still getting the hang of it, though. One thing I know for sure is…I want a better name for my Blog.

When the new year started, I was very eager to begin blogging about my current reads and what I thought of them, so I gave the Blog the first (or second, or third) name that popped in my head. Something that said, “Hey! I read books! See??” :)

This is where you come in. I want something permanent, unique, catchy…a play on words maybe, short and sweet and memorable. And of course relevant to reading and reviewing books. So, I need your help coming up with this oh-so-special name. Think up as many as you want and leave the suggestions in the comments. Only serious suggestions please, as I am serious about this Blog. :) Once I have enough suggestions, I’ll do another post where everyone can vote on their favorite!!

Thanks for your help!!

Jess @ Gone with the Words

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    Some emo-ish suggestions:-Drowning in Written Words (or just words)-Submersed in an Alternate Readality-Binded by Love-Binded by Words-An Opus of Fantastical Read-ality (or Paranormal Reality)-A Lexicon of Fantasy-Paperbacking through Written Territory-Vade Mecum of Novels-My Tome of Reviews-The Scrivener of Novel ReflectionSome witty ideas:-Read-ily Available-The Readership of the Ring-Words of ReadabilityThat's all I have for now. I had a bunch more but my stupid computer decided to be stupid and close my browser before I posted them … grrrrr…Hope these help! <3 -L

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    Lety Roxtar

    Just a few more:-Readerly Yours-Reader in the Rye-TReading Softly-Words Unfail Me-Reading Outbound-Gone With The Words-The Great Readsby-Jess Eyre (lol couldn't help myself)-A Tale of One Blog-The Reader's Guide to the Fantasy-A Journey of Novels-A Novel Idea-Novels Escape Meokay I'm tapped out for today LOL ~*L*~

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