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Ink Exchange

5 Stars

To me, Ink Exchange is a story about 3 people trying to find themselves and happiness in the situations they are in. Leslie is dealing with a broken home and a family who doesn’t keep her safe. In fact, her own brother puts her in the vilest situation, all for drugs. Niall has been trying to find redemption ever since leaving the Dark Court for things that were happening to mortals that he didn’t know about. He thinks himself dangerous and not good enough for Leslie. Irial is trying to find a way to maintain his court’s strength. He thinks he finds the perfect solution with Leslie, but he doesn’t anticipate what she’ll do to him. These three are in a complicated “relationship” because they all care for each other and this book’s ending doesn’t resolve it. It does leave all them in a new place in their lives though. Some happier than others.

I love Melissa Marr’s writing. It’s so poetic! This is probably my favorite book in the series so far. I really can’t wait for Darkest Mercy.

Book Info

Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr
Series: Wicked Lovely #2
Published by HarperTeen
Pub Date: April 24th 2008
Pages: 325
Format: Hardcover | Source: Purchased
Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult
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Unbeknownst to mortals, a power struggle is unfolding in a world of shadows and danger. After centuries of stability, the balance among the Faery Court has altered, and Irial, ruler of the Dark Court, is battling to hold his rebellious and newly vulnerable fey together. If he fails, bloodshed and brutality will follow.

Seventeen-year-old Leslie knows nothing of faeries or their intrigues. When she is attracted to an eerily beautiful tattoo of eyes and wings, all she knows is that she has to have it, convinced it is a tangible symbol of changes she desperately craves for her own life.

The tattoo does bring changes—not the kind Leslie has dreamed of, but sinister, compelling changes that are more than symbolic. Those changes will bind Leslie and Irial together, drawing Leslie deeper and deeper into the faery world, unable to resist its allures, and helpless to withstand its perils…


About Melissa Marr

Melissa Marr is the author of the bestselling Wicked Lovely series as well as the adult fantasy novels Graveminder and The Arrivals. When not writing, editing, or traveling, Melissa is buried under a plethora of books, dogs, and children in Virginia or online at

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