Invision by Sherrilyn Kenyon Blog Tour | Series Spotlight + Giveaway!

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Invision by Sherrilyn Kenyon Blog Tour | Series Spotlight + Giveaway!

Invision by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Hello, friends! Happy Sunday! Today I’ve partnered with the kind people of St. Martin’s Press to offer you an awesome giveaway!

Invision is the 7th book in the Chronicles of Nick series and it’s set to release on May 3rd. Check out the excerpt below:


Hanging his head, he pushed his chair back to face her. “What do you want me to say, Kode? You saw what I did. It’s hopeless. I’m going to end this world. Whether it’s tomorrow or a thousand years from now. I’m going to lose it all. Break bad and tear humanity apart. . . . Don’t matter what we do. Whatever we try. We just delay the inevitable outcome. So I’m going to sit here with my eats. And just . . .” he let his voice trail off as the full horror of his future played through his mind for the five millionth time.

He was the end of everything.


All he loved.

The entire world would one day fall to Nick’s army of demons.

Yeah, there was something to put on his college applications. That ought to have schools lining up to accept him. Who wouldn’t want that as their alumnus? We have graduated senators, presidents, movers-and-shakers, and the Malachai demon who ate the world whole…

It was the one reality Nick wanted to deny and couldn’t. Everything eventually came back to that one inescapable fact he wanted to run away from and couldn’t.

I’m only sixteen. Too young to deal with this crap.

He was supposed to be worried about his grades. About keeping his girl happy. Staying out of trouble. His mom finding his friend’s porn magazines stashed in his room. Getting to work on time. Making curfew.

Not hellgates and demons coming for the throats of his family and friends.

Definitely not about the fact that his birthright was to bring on the destruction of all humanity.



Check out the trailer!



AND! Here’s your chance to win a copy!

Copy of Invision (Chronicles of Nick #7) by Sherrilyn Kenyon




But what if I haven’t read the series yet, Jess? DON’T YOU WORRY! Griffin Teen is hosting a giveaway of the first six books! A SERIES GIVEAWAY, GUYS!!


To enter, you’ll have to do a little scavenging! Go to the Griffin Teen website and look for the next clue that looks like this one here:


Good luck!

Book Info

Invision by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Series: Chronicles of Nick #7
Published by St. Martin’s Griffin
Pub Date: May 3rd 2016
Buy the book! | Goodreads

***Please note if you haven’t read Instinct, there could be spoilers in the synopsis below.

One boy . . .
Many demons.

Think there’s a lot of pressure on your shoulders? Nick Gautier was born to bring about the end of the world . . . it’s not easy being the heir of a demon overlord.

But Nick is determined to thwart his destiny and get into a good college. To be more than his genetics and prophecy foretell. No one is ever going to tell this stubborn Cajun who and what he really is. Or how to live his life.

Not even the Fates of the Universe. But now that he and his team of ancient gods and demons have claimed the Eye of Ananke and he sees the missteps of the future, he has to battle the demons within that are far deadlier and more treacherous than any he’s battled before. All the while his arch nemesis is back and determined to reclaim his place as the harbinger for Armageddon. Even if it means killing Nick and barbecuing everyone he loves to do so.


Jess @ Gone with the Words

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    Great post & thanks for the giveaway! Very excited about this book! Just discovered the series a few months back and was hooked!

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