Midwinter’s Eve Giveaway Hop!

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Midwinter’s Eve Giveaway Hop!

Hope you guys are having a great last few days of 2014! I know I am!! :D


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90 Responses to “Midwinter’s Eve Giveaway Hop!”

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    Christine A

    I’m staying home for the holidays. On Christmas day, I’ll go to the cinema and then I’ll have dinner with family.

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    Linda Trinklein

    Holiday plans :D
    We plan to headed to my grandparents house, my grandpa is getting older and has been sick, going to enjoy the time with them while we still have it! thank you- happy holidays

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    Susan O'Bryant

    Mostly just spending time with family, eating yummy food, and reflecting on the reason for the season!

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    Lauren at Bookmark Lit

    Oh lord too many things. I have two Christmas Eve parties and three places to be on Christmas day. I’m not looking forward to all of the travelling, but I love the holidays – so it’s alright!

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    samantha loving

    tonight is our christmas eve we are havong christas tomorrow with my parents, brother, husband, daughter, brothers best friend, and grandma since mom works on christmas, and then saturday we have christmas with all my step sisters and brother and nieces and nephews on my stepdads side, and sunday christmas with my real dad, step mom, brothers and sister!

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    We’re going to my MIL’s tomorrow night after my husband gets off work, then my entire family (all 18 of us) will be at our house on Christmas.

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    Lisa A.

    Our plans are a little different this year. My older brother isn’t flying in until the evening of the 25th and my younger brother doesn’t have my niece until the 26th. Soooo, we’re doing Christmas as a family on the 26th…which is also my mom’s birthday. This is her 60th birthday!

    Christmas Day, my mom and I will do some cooking and baking so we’ll have food to snack on through the weekend. We’re also going to hit the movie theater on Christmas Day to see Into the Woods. We’ve both been looking forward to it!

    We’re having quite a different year, but I’m ready to go with the flow. My mom’s having a hard time dealing with it, but I think once everything starts going, she’ll be fine.

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    Jan Lee

    I’m planning to visit relatives for a few days and hope the weather will hold so I don’t have to leave early :)

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    Just planning to spend with my family! In between my husband and I are re-watching all of Game of Thrones.

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    I’ll be at home with my family for Christmas. I’m switching between an old job and new job this week, and I lucked out and got a few days off around Christmas because of the switch. I was afraid I might have to work on the holidays at one of my jobs. I’m glad it worked out and I got a break!

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    Ana Death Duarte

    Watching Doctor Who’s Christmas special and eating good food :3

    Happy holidays and thanks for the giveaway :3

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    Has a quiet Christmas eve celebration. Plan to spend New Year with my cousins in the East Coast. Happy Holidays!

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    I spent Christmas with my parents, and I’ll be driving to visit a close friend for New Years Eve!

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    Staying home and having Mom visit. Relaxing and getting over a long cold.

    Happy New Year!
    doxisrcool at aol dot com

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    Cathy Lee

    I had a very low-stress, low-key holiday. Mom joined me and my hubby for dinner. I got him a grill. He got me jewels. Just a great day! We also visited a local nursing home to drop off gifts for a few adopted residents.

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    We (my immediate family of my mom, brother, sister, their spouses, and kids, and my husband) always have a “cocktail” party on Christmas Eve at my Mom’s house. It doesn’t really have cocktails, but we break out the china and crystal and serve appetizers and finger foods. Then everyone opens presents. We all spend the night, do “Santa” in the morning, and have a big breakfast. Then, as dinner is cooking, we play with our new stuff, have an epic Wii bowling tournament, play board games, and snack on the leftovers from Christmas Eve. It’s really low key and lovely.

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    Jaime Lester

    My husband and I spent Christmas with his family in New Jersey, and for New Years, we will be home sweet home with the dogs… Trying to stay awake until midnight for a smooch! I hope you and your family had a Merry Christmas, and have a Happy New Year!

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    Donna Newman

    We had the whole family over , Christmas Eve had ham and other snack type foods then opened our gifts. Christmas Day we had a big dinner of Ham, mashed potatoes and noodles.

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    Marnie Ward

    We didn’t do much for the holidays because my husband has a broken foot and I got shingles the week before Christmas. I did make us a song though…
    Shingle bells, Shingle Bells, Oh what fun it is to ride on Santa Shingled sleigh, hay! What are going to do but have a sense of humor? I hope you like mine!

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    No major plans, I am recovering from major surgery (December 4th) so we had a quiet Christmas.

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    K Davis

    For new years eve, we always fix lots a huge dinner, lots of yummy snacks, and get champagne for midnight. Sometimes we watch movies. Happy new year!

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    Dorothy Teel

    Holiday Plans included all coming to my home for Christmas dinner and now on New Years day we will have Hopping gator and spinach greens and wish for a prosperous new Year.

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    Amanda M

    I’m just staying in for New Year’s Eve, I’ll be writing my New Year’s Resolutions List. :)

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    Michelle Lee

    Just spending time with the family and see the fireworks on New Years! Every night is practically movie night and I’m enjoying it! haha thank you for this amazing chance! :)

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    josy herrera

    my plans were to spend time with my family and eat tons of food and thats what i did

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    No major holiday plans, just hanging out with family and friends, having fun and catching up.
    Thanks for the giveaway and happy holidays! :)

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    Emily Crowell

    I’m spending Christmas with family at my Grandmother’s. Thanks for the giveaway!

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    Carol Nine

    My holiday plans were to celebrate Christmas Eve at my mother-in-law’s home, celebrate Christmas at home with my husband and two of my sons and we did. We will be staying home and watching the ball drop at midnight tonight for New Year’s Eve. We will also be celebrating Christmas at my daughter’s home on Saturday.

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    Justine McNair

    My family and I will be attending New Year’s Eve celebration at our local church. 3.2.1…”Happy New Year!”

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    My holiday plans were to celebrate Christmas Eve at my mom’s house and I have no plans for New Years.

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    During the holidays I plan to spend a lot of time visiting family and friends. Thanks for the great giveaway. Happy New Year!

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    Rhonda Scott

    I spent Christmas at my daughter and son-in-law’s house. Everyone bought food and we eat and played games.

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