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New Feature!  Bitsy Words


Bitsy Words is a new weekly feature here at Gone with the Words where we will talk about books we’ve read in short, mixed media form.

We read a lot, but we don’t always review everything because sometimes a standard review is not what’s right for it. Sometimes we want to express reactions to it in a different way, be it by writing a few words, a list, a song, a photograph, a collage, a GIF… you get the idea. So this is how we’ll be doing that.



So what do you guys think?! I’d been wanting to start this for a while and what really stumped me was what to call it. I wanted it to be short and still relating to the blog name/theme. Most likely these will go up on Fridays, but we’ll see. Keep an eye out!





Jess @ Gone with the Words

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    Alexa S.

    What a fun idea! I like the idea of y’all using different methods to “review” some of the books you read, and can’t wait to see the first set.

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