Outlander Read Along: Chapters 1 – 7 Questions

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outlanderbutton_thumb1Welcome to the Outlander Read Along, everyone!!

I’m so happy that we decided to do this and I hope everyone has a great time participating.

I’m kicking off this read along with some questions for you guys from chapters 1 – 7, which are the chapters we’ll be reading this week. Next Monday,  we will all post our answers to the questions below and Stalking the Bookshelves will have the next set of questions for us! There will also be a place for you to link-up your answers posts on the hosting blog each week.

The official Twitter hashtag for this read along is #OutlanderRA – Use this to tweet your read along posts, or in case you want to comment about the book while reading it!!

So let’s get started!

1. Outlander is a well-known book. Before you cracked it open, what were your expectations or assumptions about this story? Or did you jump into it with a blank slate?

2. Claire’s husband, Frank, is fascinated with learning more and more facts about his family tree, which extends back pretty far. Do you or anyone in your family keep a family tree? How many years/generations back does it go? If not, have you ever considered or attempted to create one?

3. How did you find Claire’s initial conclusion as to her surroundings after waking up from going through the stones? Did you think that was a reasonable conclusion?

4. How about her composed, rational way of dealing with the fact she’s traveled back in time. Did you find it believable? Do you think you would have acted the same way?

5. At this point in the story, what are your feelings or expectations on Claire and Jamie? Is Frank still a factor for you?

Bonus Question: Frank encounters a man outside of the inn where he and Claire are staying. He is afraid it might have been a ghost. What do you believe it was? Do you have any predictions or suspicions on what that was about?

So, what’s the schedule?

June 11th – Questions for chapters 1-7 announced at Gone with the Words

June 18th – Questions for chapters 1-7 answered & questions announced for chapters 8-14 at Stalking the Bookshelves

June 25th – Questions for chapters 8-14 answered & questions announced for chapters 15-21 on Tangled up in Blue

July 2nd – Questions for chapters 15-21 answered & questions announced for chapters 22-28 on Into the Hall of Books

July 9th – Questions for chapters 22-28 answered & questions announced for chapters 29-35 on Logan E. Turner

July 16th – Questions for chapters 29-35 answered & questions announced for chapters 36-41 on The Reading Housewives

July 23rd – Questions for chapters 36-41 answered on Gone with the Words. The end.

There’s still time to sign up!

Since this is the first week, you can still sign up and have your answers ready this upcoming Monday!

Write up a quick participation post and link to it in the linky below. This is the official way for you to sign-up. (The linky is the same on each host blog. You only need to enter your blog link once)

Grab the Outlander Read-a-along button over at The Reading Housewives and feel free to post it everywhere! :)




Jess @ Gone with the Words

22 Responses to “Outlander Read Along: Chapters 1 – 7 Questions”

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    So EXCITED!!! Started reading last night. I really like Claire & Frank. The housekeeper just did her tea leaves & palm….hmmm *rubs hands together*

  2. Avatar


    IT’S HERE!!! I’m so excited. These are terrific questions – especially the bonus one. That ghost/image Frank saw really pulled me in to the story. Can’t wait to discuss! :)

    • Avatar

      Jess @ Gone with the Words

      I KNOWWWW! FINALLY! I started reading it last week so I could come up with the questions and I was immediately absorbed by it again. Also, I’m so glad you like the questions! That ghost question came to me this morning and I HAD to add it.

  3. Avatar

    Amy Spears

    Excited! I’ve been counting down to this. I *may* have even convinced my husband to do it too. We’ll see!

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    OK – my report cards are DONE and summer is officially here!  Excited to treat myself to a rendezvous with Jamie Fraser! :)  

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    Jacinda @ Reading Housewives

    I get to start reading Outlander this week….YAY! You did a great job on the questions Jess :) Thanks for kicking off the read-a-long!

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    This is so much fun so far!  I love that you ladies planned to spread this out over a reasonable time period. I can totally swing a chapter a day.  Three chapters in so far and really starting to get into it.  Can’t wait to have my answers ready for Monday and to read what everyone else thought of week 1!

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      Jess @ Gone with the Words

      Well, we didn’t want to discourage anyone by making them read it in less time, since it’s a sizable book! So I’m glad it’s doable for everyone. :) I’m LOVING everyone’s updates!! And am loving that people are getting sucked into because I totally know the feeling!

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