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Week three brought the sexytimes!! I love how close Claire and Jamie become, but that fight at the end hurt my heart! WHY, Claire?! UGH! Anyway

I’ve loved hearing everyone’s thoughts on twitter (continue to use hashtag #OutlanderRA so we can all see!). Here are my answers to Carrie’s great questions for this week!!


1. We FINALLY get to the scene we’ve all been waiting for. You know what I’m talking about–yay sexytimes! What were your impressions? Was it what you were expecting? Or did you want more?

I actually didn’t think it needed anything more. I liked that they didn’t immediately jump on each other, that they talked for hours and worked to create intimacy by doing so. I loved that they didn’t take each other so seriously either, and that probably came from them being sort of friends. I thought it was great. :)

2. I know that some readers thus far have been bothered by the fact of Claire being married to Frank but still being involved with Jamie, despite the different time periods. Does their time as newlyweds change anyone’s opinion of that? If not, now what are you thinking of the situation?

I’ll be honest…it doesn’t bother me. Maybe it should, but it just doesn’t! I thought the time they got to spend together right after their wedding was really sweet and sensual. I don’t really think about the situation anymore. I want Claire to stay with Jamie forever!! I’m ok with her continuing to think of him as not alive, lol.

3. What did you think about the “waterhorse” that Claire saw? Why do you think Peter was so spooked? And what do you think this means for Claire?

Since it’s a re-read for me, I’ll tell you what I remember thinking the first time I read it. I thought, holy crap! LOCHNESS MONSTER!!! I was very confused about Peter’s reaction. I knew he was stunned about the waterhorse, but had no idea what the reaction to Claire was about. I guessed it would mean something, especially since it was its own chapter, but at the moment had no clue.

4. If you were Claire and you were knowingly in the vicinity of the stones, would you have done the same thing she did?

Man…I don’t really know!! In a way I thought she felt she had to try to get back because of Frank, but her inner struggle with leaving Jamie should have been a sign to her. I think I personally would have been terrified to venture out on my own, to be honest, no matter how close the stones where.

5. What do you think about Captain Randall? How do you think the family resemblance between him and Frank affects Claire and particularly her relationship with Jamie?

I totally think it affects her! Just like in that one scene where Randall has her in his office, he reminds her so much of him that she wants to give in. Scary! I think it affects my perception of Frank more though. My mind merges Frank and Randall sometimes, which isn’t fair to Frank, but oh well. He’s not all that important to me at this point in the story. (Man! I am so dismissive of Frank! I’m mean! lol)

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Jess @ Gone with the Words

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    Mandi Kaye

    You’re definitely not the only one dismissive of Frank. There’s just no comparison between him and Jamie. Granted, we only saw Frank for about 100 pages, and we get Jamie for all the rest. There’s a slight bias there. :)

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    Amy @ bookgoonie

    I loved in C15 and as far as I’ve read so far the amount of laughter. The two of them giggling. To me that is even a greater intimacy.

    The Randall stuff makes me angrier with Frank, because he thought the stories were so cool.

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    Asheley (@BookwormAsheley)

    I find that another blogger put that if Claire had asked Jamie to take her to the stones, he would have and I think this is so right! I didn’t think of it myself. I was upset with Claire for leaving the area when Jamie told her to stay, it just screwed up so many things. I’m not curious by nature, certainly not if my life were to be at risk, so I’d have parked my butt down and waited on Jamie to come get me like he said he would.

    I’m so glad I’m reading this book. I am loving it about 10,000 times more than I had any idea I would. Seriously.

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    I think the fact that the waterhorse had its own chapter was what made me sit up and pay attention. But DG does things like that all the time, so I never know what’s important and what isn’t. It can get frustrating because it takes me FOREVER to finish her books because I feel like I have to read between the lines. Who is that person? Have we met them before? Are they important historically? And on and on… lol

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    i think i’m going to have to go back and reread both the waterhorse chapter, cause i dont’ remember Peter’s reaction to Claire after their encounter, & chapter 15, um…for research purposes. it’s all strictly academic. uh huh. that scene in Randall’s office, where she wants to give in, that freaked me out. can’t wait to see how Randall is utlimately handled.

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    Alyssa @ Books Take You Places

    I loved how they took their time, it was like they were building a relationship without even knowing it, ya know? I don’t think about Frank at all and it makes me feel terrible about myself!! When she mentioned that Randall reminds her of Frank so she almost opened her legs I threw up a little in my mouth. I am having a hard time with Claire so that may be why but WOMAN YOU ARE ABOUT TO GET RAPED, YOUR MIND SHOULDN’T BE CONFLICTED RIGHT NOW!!

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    Kristilyn (Reading in Winter)

    I agree — I love that Jamie and Claire created intimacy rather than just doing it. I loved that chapter!

    I’m not too sure about the waterhorse chapter … I might have to reread it since I feel like I missed something!

    It would be so strange to be in Claire’s shoes when around Randall — especially the scene in his office, like you say, where he reminds her so much of Frank and she just wants to give in to him. Thank GOODNESS Jamie came along!

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    I agree! I love that Jamie and Claire’s friendship before their marriage allowed them to have a certain casual nature. I appreciate that they took the time to get to know each other better and relax, but also that they didn’t really take things seriously when it came down to it.

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    I agree, Frank is definitely written so we dismiss him. Then we have all this fabulous time with Jamie and a look-alike EVilL non-Frank, who makes us not like him even more. And I love how the wedding night scene was written as well!

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