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Dark Eden by Patrick Carman

3 Stars

Although this book is about seven teens confronting their biggest phobias, it is all told from Will’s POV. I liked the creative way we see all of the teen’s stories through Will. Each one gets their own personalized cure. They reminded me of the Saw movies, where the person is alone in a room, except this book is nowhere near as sadistic. Not all of the teen’s phobias are revealed at first and Will’s certainly had a twist that we don’t discover until almost the end.

I was really curious to see where the immortality aspect would play into this story. I was definitely surprised. The unexpected ending and explanation to the kinks in each of the cures made this a unique story. I wouldn’t say it’s a happy ending, that’s for sure. If anything, I felt the teens, while cured of their phobias, were left unavenged for the things that were stolen from them. I was angry for them! We are left with the hope that justice will be served…someday.

Dark Eden was definitely an interesting read. It was a book that didn’t have me needing to read page after page in one seating, but it did leave me needing to find out how it all would play out. I was able to put it down…but it did not let me forget it. It would stew in my brain and leave me speculating about where it all would lead. It was mysterious, creepy, new, and even a little sad at the end.

Book Info

Dark Eden by Patrick Carman
Series: Dark Eden #1
Published by Katherine Tegen Books
Pub Date: November 1st 2011
Pages: 336
Format: ARC | Source: Blog Tour
Genres: ParanormalYoung Adult
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Fifteen-year-old Will Besting is sent by his doctor to Fort Eden, an institution meant to help patients suffering from crippling phobias. Once there, Will and six other teenagers take turns in mysterious fear chambers and confront their worst nightmares—with the help of the group facilitator, Rainsford, an enigmatic guide. When the patients emerge from the chamber, they feel emboldened by the previous night’s experiences. But each person soon discovers strange, unexplained aches and pains. . . . What is really happening to the seven teens trapped in this dark Eden?

Patrick Carman’s Dark Eden is a provocative exploration of fear, betrayal, memory, and— ultimately—immortality.



Thanks to Yara from Once Upon a Twilight for the opportunity to read and review this book as part of her book tours. :)



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    Great review! I’ve been seeing this book everywhere. Your review really made me curious.

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    Sashana Jeffery

    This one sounds really unique. I can’t wait to see what other people think of it. 

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