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4.5 Stars

I love when a series ends with a great battle and great love. Empower certainly had both of those things.

If you haven’t read this series, there will be spoilers for previous books but not Empower. You’ve been warned!

The moment I finished Endless I HAD to have Empower. Here in the U.S. Empower won’t be released until May 6, but LUCKILY it released in Australia on November 12, and LUCKILY ships internationally, which allowed me to purchase this one when it came out. :D

Anyway! I didn’t know what to expect after Violet left Lincoln and all of her friends two years prior. She was definitely not the same girl and her decisions weighed heavy on her every day, but she felt it was the right move. Her reasons are revealed and they made me sad for her. It was a rough, rough two years for her. So when she comes face to face with Lincoln I literally held my breath for his reaction. Well, Lincoln has changed too, and he was angry, but the pain was palpable from both of them. It was painful watching them struggle with their longing and their pain, but the payoff for suffering through it pays off in the end, I promise!

Another great source of anguish for me is Phoenix. I remember how I hated him at first, and now all I want for him is some sort of peace and/or happiness. I think Jessica Shirvington gave him the best chance at both of those things in the end. Steph is amazing as always. And she’s developed into this amazing, fierce character! I loved seeing her so involved in Grigori life. I missed Spence and Griffin a lot since they’re not in this book very much. Josephine really surprised me this time around, which is a good thing because I really disliked her. AND! We get to know a few Rogue Grigori and I really liked them all, especially Gray.

I wasn’t expecting the setting of Empower to be New Orleans, but it totally worked! The huge battle in the end was so freaking intense and scary because I didn’t know how it would all end. I knew there would definitely be casualties but really, only one of those really hurt.

There were a lot of elements that came together to make this one heck of a finale. Hats off to Jessica Shirvington for totally delivering and for giving us one exciting book after another.

So because I know I couldn’t wait for this book, there’s a chance someone out there feels just like I did, and therefore, I’M GIVING AWAY MY COPY! Enter below… :)


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Book Info

Empower by Jessica Shirvington
Series: The Violet Eden Chapters #5
Published by Hachette
Pub Date: November 12th 2013
Pages: 464
Format: Paperback | Source: Purchased
Genres: New AdultParanormalRomanceYoung Adult
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It has been two years since Violet Eden walked away from the city, her friends, her future and – most importantly – her soulmate, Lincoln. Part angel, part human, Violet is determined to stand by the promises she made to save the one she loves.

Living in the perpetual coldness of a broken soul she survives day to day as a Rogue Grigori in London.

But when an unexpected visitor shows up at her door, the news he bears about someone she swore to protect leaves Violet with no choice.

Even worse, she fears that this might all lead back to the night she tries hardest to forget. And what was taken without her permission.

Violet is going back to New York … and she knows exactly who is going to be there.

With Phoenix in her dreams and Lincoln in her heart she knows it is only a matter of time before the final choice must be made.


About Jessica Shirvington

Jessica Shirvington is the author of THE VIOLET EDEN CHAPTERS also known as THE EMBRACE SERIES, stand alone novel, BETWEEN THE LIVES and has an exciting new duology called DISRUPTION on the way in 2014.

An entrepreneur, author, and mother living in Sydney, Australia, Jessica is also a 2011 & 2012 finalist for Cosmopolitan’s annual Fun, Fearless Female Award. She’s also one of the lucky few who met the love of her life at age seventeen: Matt Shirvington, a former Olympian and current sports broadcaster for Foxtel and Fox Sports. Married for twleve years with two beautiful daughters, Sienna and Winter, Jessica knows her early age romance and its longevity has definitely contributed to how she tackles relationships in her YA novels.

Jess @ Gone with the Words

7 Responses to “Review: Empower by Jessica Shirvington + Giveaway!”

  1. Tammy

    So excited for this book! I own the entire series except the final book. What makes me most excited is the great reviews I keep on reading. Thanks!

  2. Andrea (Cozy Up With A Good Read)

    Oh my gosh, I absolutely need this book ASAP. Everything about this series is amazing, the characters and the way the series has grown over the years. I was so sad about how Endless ended, and I’m so happy to see what comes next for all the characters.

  3. Pam@YAEscapefromReality

    I had to order this from Fishpond too because I just couldn’t wait (and I think you told me about it, so thanks!) After Endless, and sobbing the last 10 chapters, and then that ending…gah! Couldn’t believe it and it made me so nervous to read Empower because I was worried about how it was going to turn out. And yes, I felt the same way you did about Phoenix, I hated him so much but he definitely grew on me and showed so much growth and change over the course of this series. And Lincoln and Violet…one of my absolute favorite couples. This series ender didn’t disappoint and I will buy anything Jessica Shirvington writes (also liked Between the Lives, which I don’t think is available in the US yet either, but I actually listened to that one on audio because you can do that for some strange reason but you can’t buy the book). Great review, glad you loved it!

  4. Dune

    I’m a french girl and I really like your blog. :D
    Now, I wish read english books because your blog is my motivation^^
    Sorry for my baad english. I did only two years english….
    Thank you so much because you give me the love of the english… (I don’t if my sentence is right….Sorry…)
    Goos luck for the next….

  5. Natasha

    I have been wanting to read this series since it came out!!
    It sounds amazing!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. Amelia

    Omg thank you so much for telling me how to get the book
    I love this series and finding out I was gonna have to wait until May was heartbreaking
    I love your website and cannot wait to read Empower!!!

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