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Every Wrong Reason by Rachel Higginson

4 Stars

“I thought back and tried to remember the last time he looked at me, really looked at me, and couldn’t remember. When was the last time he saw me? When was the last time we hadn’t been fighting long enough for his clear blue eyes to look into mine and a make a real connection? It had been years. Maybe he had never seen me.” -Kate

Every Wrong Reason is a story about making tough decisions and starting over. In it, we meet Kate and Nick who have been married for 7 years and are experiencing a terrible case of the infamous “seven-year itch”. Kate has the stable career of being a teacher while Nick has opted out of the adult life to play on a band with his friends.

This story starts off on the verge of yet another argument at bedtime where Katie is feeling simply fed up. She’s had a long day while Nick has had enough free time to go for a run and have a beer with his buddies. Walking into a wet bathroom floor, for what seems like the millionth time, was the last thing Kate needed. One thing leads to another and before the night is over, the “D” word has been thrown out and Nick is sleeping on the couch.

This book takes place over the period of one school year and is told entirely from Kate’s perspective. We’ve all had that breakup where you find yourself on the fence going back and forth. Nobody can make a decision as hard as divorcing your spouse without second-guessing your choice, contradicting your words with your actions, breaking down, or thinking about backing down at least once. Reading a character’s thoughts as they are going through every thought process and emotion can be frustrating at times, but the author does such a great job. She keeps Kate’s character very human throughout the entire process and that’s what made this story totally realistic for me.

Most of the books we read start with two people who meet and run into some trouble when they are dating, but before the book is over they figure things out and the book finishes shortly after vows are exchanged. What made this story so different is that in it we get the aftermath. We don’t just get a look a few months after marriage, but a whole 7 years down the line when the newlywed stage has well worn off!

When I first read the plot I didn’t know how I would feel about it. For me, marriage is a once in a lifetime kind of thing and I didn’t know if having such a strong opinion on the matter would make me too biased. I’m glad I didn’t let that hold me back! I was actually on board with the idea from very early on. Although I have a strong opinion on marriage and divorce, I also am a firm believer in the fact that life is too short to be spent anything but happy. Within the first chapter it is clear how miserable Kate and Nick are and how much they bring out the worst in each other.

“We might be good people separately, but we were monsters together.” -Kate 

When we hear about two people getting divorced our minds instantly assume something drastic: “Someone must have cheated!” or “They must have been abusive!” The majority of the time we are way off and it’s just two people who have fallen out of love and over time have only drifted further apart. I loved that  Rachel Higginson kept things very simple here. They are splitting up because of the little things. Kate is simply tired of Nick not aspiring to have a stable job that can help her with the bills. She’s tired of him forgetting to clean the toothpaste off the sink and leaving the milk out. She’s tired of getting her soaks soaking on a wet bathroom floor because he forgot, yet again, to clean up after himself. Hell, I got tired of hearing Kate whine about him only 7 pages in so I can’t imagine being in her shoes wet socks (hehe) for 7 years. She feels like the spark is long gone and their marriage is not moving forward. The years are passing her by and she just doesn’t want to see herself dealing with this for yet another year. It’s all the little things piled into one big thing that has broken the camel’s back and that only made this book even more realistic.

I really enjoyed seeing these characters and their dynamic evolve as time passed and I was very happy with the ending they each received. Also, I think this is a book I would turn to if I was to ever find myself in their situation.

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Every Wrong Reason by Rachel Higginson
Published by Reckless Siren Publishing
Pub Date: September 22nd 2015
Pages: 292
Format: eBook | Source: Purchased
Genres: ContemporaryRomance
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First comes love.

Then comes marriage.

Then comes the… really nasty divorce.

Kate Carter thought she married her soul mate. She thought she had her happily ever after. But seven years into Kate’s marriage, she realizes that her husband Nick is not what she wanted. He’s selfish, he’s oblivious and he doesn’t love her anymore.

Maybe she doesn’t love him anymore either.

Divorce is the only option if either of them wants to find happiness.

Kate and Nick thought they knew what they wanted, but neither is prepared for the heartache that separating will bring them. The journey they embark on is not the freedom they wished for, but a painful look at the people they’ve become.

At the end of it, Kate has to decide if this is really the life she wants or if maybe there’s a way to salvage her broken heart.

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    Grace @ Rebel Mommy Book Blog

    I hadn’t heard of this one before! I kind of love reading about marriages and issues – especially not new and shiny ones. Not sure what that says about me! Anyways I think I have to check this out. Great review!

  2. Rubi @ Gone with the Words

    Rubi @ Gone with the Words

    Thanks you! :) I think you’d really enjoy this one. Let me know what you think!

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