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Immaculate by Katelyn Detweiler

3.5 Stars

When I read the premise of Immaculate I just had to get my hands on the book. An immaculate conception in present day? I was curious to see how this would go. Seventeen-year-old Mina is a virgin and she’s pregnant. Of course, everyone thinks she’s lying. Her friends and family turn on her, her boyfriend breaks up with her, and her perfect life starts to fall to pieces. I really loved the topic of this book because it made me think. If someone you knew told you this story would you believe them?

Mina is a good girl, she follows the rules, gets good grades, and never does anything reckless. One day an old woman comes into the restaurant where Mina works as a waitress and starts to tell her about her future and the baby she will have. Mina writes the old lady off as crazy and goes on with her life. A few weeks later Mina finds out she’s pregnant and maybe that old lady wasn’t so crazy after all.

Going into this book I thought it would be religious or preachy but it wasn’t at all. Mina is not religious and the book focuses more on having faith in things and believing in miracles. Mina goes through many ups and downs, she has to have faith that all this is happening for a reason and that it all means something.

I felt awful for Mina while I was reading. She goes through so much and so many people she trusts turn on her, even members of her family. The people at school make fun of her, her ex thinks she betrayed him, and even some of her best friends turn their backs on her. It’s hard to read sometimes because people are so awful to Mina. People she doesn’t even know feel the need to have input on her and the baby’s life. On the other hand, I can understand why people are so doubtful and unbelieving. If someone told me the same story I’m not sure I’d believe them. That disbelief and curiosity go to some extremes in this book. People are determined to find out if Mina’s lying and it’s really crazy how perfect strangers get so invested and involved in what’s going on with Mina and the baby.

My biggest problem with this book is the ending. I just wanted more. I felt like there was a lot more we needed to know and so many answers we never got. It was a really emotional book and the ending just felt very flat and vague. Other than that, I really enjoyed the book and the characters. Mina was a great protagonist and I was rooting for her the whole time. I really liked this book and the message it sends. It wasn’t too preachy or religious, it focuses more on family, bullying, friendships, and how to stand up for your beliefs.

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Immaculate by Katelyn Detweiler
Published by Viking Children’s
Pub Date: May 26th 2015
Pages: 464
Format: ARC | Source: Gifted
Genres: ContemporaryRomanceYoung Adult
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Mina is seventeen. A virgin. And pregnant.

Mina is top of her class, girlfriend to the most ambitious guy in school, able to reason and study her way through anything. But when she suddenly finds herself pregnant—despite having never had sex—her orderly world collapses. Almost nobody believes Mina’s claims of virginity. Her father assumes that her boyfriend is responsible; her boyfriend believes she must have cheated on him. As news of Mina’s story spreads, there are those who brand her a liar. There are those who brand her a heretic. And there are those who believe that miracles are possible—and that Mina’s unborn child could be the greatest miracle of all.

Tamara @ Gone with the Words

9 Responses to “Review: Immaculate by Katelyn Detweiler”

    • Tamara @ Gone with the Words

      Tamara @ Gone with the Words

      You should give it a try, it’s a pretty interesting book :)

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    Katie @ ShelfishlyAddicted

    I have also been curious about this book, but was worried it would be too preachy or religious, as you mentioned. Alternatively, I thought it might be discovered that she was raped and had suppressed the episode to the point of being unable to remember it, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to read something that emotional/disturbing.

    My curiosity is piqued even more now, however, so I’ll see if I can borrow this from the library or a friend. Good review! :-)

    • Tamara @ Gone with the Words

      Tamara @ Gone with the Words

      Thank you! The book is not preachy at all. I was a bit worried there might be some memory repression going on too, but thankfully that’s not the case. The explanation is kind of vague which was my biggest problem. The focus is more on everyone’s reaction to what happened to Mina and less about the why.

      I think this is a great book to borrow from the library :)

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    Alexa S.

    I’m curious about Immaculate! It actually sounds super intriguing, and it makes me glad to see that you enjoyed it overall. I might have to consider getting this one from the library at some point.

    • Tamara @ Gone with the Words

      Tamara @ Gone with the Words

      It is a good book overall, I’m just the kind of person who needs answers and I think the author wanted to leave some things up to the reader to decide. I think it’d be a good book to get from the library :)

    • Tamara @ Gone with the Words

      Tamara @ Gone with the Words

      I love Jane the Virgin! This book is not as funny, but still interesting :)

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    Geraldine @ Corralling Books

    The premise sounds so interesting and I was a bit hesitant that the content might not be as great as it sounds, but this doesn’t seem to be the case! Will definitely add to the never ending TBR list :)

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