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4 Stars

Just What He Wanted is the fourth story in the Holloway series and now I want to read the first three! I really enjoyed it and even though it’s the fourth, I didn’t feel like I needed to read the others to enjoy it. It just made me want to read them. Also, it isn’t very long, so if you’re looking for a quick read…

I loved that this story had an older, curvy woman in Andie and a young hottie totally falling over himself to get with her in Travis. Andie is funny and a little bit down on herself, so she may not be confident enough to handle Travis when he starts to pursue her. I really enjoyed seeing Travis work for it a little bit. I’d SO love to read more stories with a younger guy chasing after an older woman! I’m partial to this storyline of course since I’m five years older than my fiance. So, it’s realistic to me! I like that this group’s setting revolves around a landscaping business and also a resort. It was fun seeing how handy Travis was at the resort. Also, I was really intrigued by the mysterious writer staying at the resort. His story was a bit of a shocker.

I really enjoyed HelenKay Dimon’s writing. It was fun and casual, and the characters were that as well. This story was like a fun, sexy romp. While it was short, it didn’t feel lacking in story or plot. I wanted it to be longer because I enjoyed it so much.


Book Info

Just What He Wanted by HelenKay Dimon
Series: Holloway #4
Published by Carina Press
Pub Date: June 10th 2013
Pages: 135
Format: eBook | Source: Publisher
Genres: AdultContemporaryRomance
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Travis Yardley thought he had everything he needed, but one look at Andrea Patterson shows him he was wrong. Andie is a gorgeous, curvy blonde who moves to town to manage a nearby campground. Seizing the chance to get close to her, Travis volunteers himself as tour guide and “bodyguard.’

After a bad breakup, Andie is looking to start over and determined to put her heart on hiatus. She’s working on her self-esteem, and she is not ready for the likes of Travis. He comes on strong, with all the energy of a guy almost ten years her junior, which is exactly what he is.

Even as Travis’s troubled past catches up with him, he pulls out all the stops to convince Andie he deserves a chance. And with the spring thaw hitting the Mountain View Resort, Andie discovers her own temperature rising whenever Travis looks her way…

Jess @ Gone with the Words

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    Jen @ Pop! Goes The Reader

    Oh my goodness, the instant I read the synopsis I knew this was the book for me! Travis sounds absolutely delicious – I love a man who’s assertive, forthright about his feelings and good with his hands. Like you, I’ve always enjoyed the younger man chasing an old woman trope in literature, even though my personal tastes seem to run the opposite in real life (I seem to have an alarming weakness for older men – I blame Colin Firth!) ;)

    I looked up the series on Goodreads the instant I finished your review and now I’m really looking forward to reading the first novel in the series, It’s Not Christmas Without You, which, coincidentally, should also make a wonderful addition to my December ‘Month of Festive Reviews’ idea.

    Thanks for the wonderful review and helping me learn about a new contemporary romance series, Jess! I’m always on the look-out for recommendations for books like this one :D

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      Jess @ Gone with the Words

      Travis was TOTALLY delicious! And all those other things too. :D I never dated anyone super older than me, except when I was a teen and dated someone 5 years older than me! I wouldn’t recommend it…

      Thanks for being such an awesome commenter Jen! I hope you like the series when you read it. :)

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