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Last Breath by Rachel Caine

5 Stars

Oh, our dear Morganville gang. Last Breath was a rough one for you, wasn’t it? Rachel Caine really dragged you guys through the mud, didn’t she? And by the end, things haven’t only gotten marginally better. *sigh* Come here….you guys need a hug.

In Last Breath, everyone is in danger. Vampires are being hunted, and in turn, the vampires want to “free” the humans and get the heck outta dodge. Also, have you ever wondered why the town of Morganville, TX was chosen by Amelie? We discover that in this book! It’s a crazy reason…but would you expect anything less? This whole book takes place in a span of two or three days I think, and they were INTENSE!!

The fact that it was an intense book isn’t really what got me this time…it was THE death. THE death that happens in this book and its aftermath completely broke me. It was looking pretty bleak for a moment there…but thankfully, Rachel Caine came through and mended my little broken heart. Be prepared, friends!

Before all the craziness hits though, we had all kinds of problems with the impending nuptials of a certain couple who shall remain nameless. I’m talking opposition from all sides! I have faith they will make it happen though. :)

Myrnin gets his own paragraph, simply because he’s awesome. Although he doesn’t get any driving scenes in this book, it wasn’t for lack of trying on his part. I really hope to see him behind the wheel in the next book though, because it is hilarious! He also has some very real moments in this book. We get to see a side of him he doesn’t show nearly enough…his vulnerable side. I love you, Myrnin!!

I’ve been really impressed with the last few books in this series. Ghost Town, Bite Club, and now Last Breath, have all been really, really great. I look forward to the next four amazing books to come!! If you have not picked up this series yet, don’t wait much longer!

Book Info

Last Breath by Rachel Caine
Series: The Morganville Vampires #11
Published by NAL
Pub Date: November 1st 2011
Pages: 335
Format: Hardcover | Source: Publisher
Genres: ParanormalRomanceYoung Adult
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With her boss preoccupied researching the Founder Houses in Morganville, student Claire Danvers is left to her own devices when she learns that three vampires have vanished without a trace.

She soon discovers that the last person seen with one of the missing vampires is someone who has just moved to town—a mysterious individual named Magnus. After an uneasy encounter with Morganville’s newest resident, Claire is certain Magnus isn’t merely human. But is Magnus a vampire—or something else entirely?

One thing is clear: Magnus is to blame for the disappearances. And if vampires are turning into victims, what chance does a human like Claire have?

About Rachel Caine

Rachel Caine is a fictional character herself…a pen name of writer Roxanne Conrad. Since 2003, Rachel has written in the adult Urban Fantasy genre (the Weather Warden, Outcast Season, Revivalist and Red Letter Days series) as well as in Young Adult fiction (the Morganville Vampires series and the upcoming novel Prince of Shadows). She is the author of more than forty novels and many short stories, and is regular featured in anthology collections.

Jess @ Gone with the Words

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    WHAT!! WHAT?!?!?!? THE death….I just bought the book and Imay just keep it unread until Black Dawn, I’m freaking out a little here. My gawd if Shane dies, i.will.die. Great review Jess, but i couldn’t really concentrate after the death comment, Gah! ;)
    Tristan @ Reads With Wreckless Abandon

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    Omg! I love Last Breath! It even made me cry. The way Magnus is decribed really makes me want to know what he is! :O I love all 11 books and can’t wait for the 12th!! I WANT MORE! Honestly, they are the only books I read. I even cried at Midnight Alley! :'( But all together they are simply amaazing!! I love Rachel Cain sooo much!<3

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    Molly Gibson-Mee

    Great review! I totally agree! Oh THE DEATH! It killed me! (no pun intended) I was actually shaking at that point. Brilliant review, I think you got all points covered :)

    Reading is my cup of tea

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    Kristi L Stern

    I so love this series! Myrnin is a fav with his pet spidey, Bob. I like all the characters though-every book is like getting together with old friends. Old friends who are scrambling to live but hey… :o]

    This was a great book as are they all!
    Thanks for sharing :o]

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    I read a short story from this world in an anthology (can’t remember which one) & I enjoyed it but I still haven’t started the series. 

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