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5 Stars

You guys…THIS BOOK WAS SO GOOD! I have no hesitation calling Stir Me Up one of my favorites of the year. That’s right! It is!

Here is just a list of the things I loved about this book, in no particular order:

1. Cami was so likable. She wasn’t perfect, but she was real and completely adorable. I loved that even though she was confused about what to do once she graduated high school, being a chef was non-negotiable. She just had to convince her French chef father of this. I loved that we get to see her experience a lot of firsts with her first boyfriend that did not involve going all the way. I think it should be ok for girls to want to explore without having the pressure of having sex.

2. I loved the restaurant/chef life. Cami’s father owns a French restaurant. This is practically where Cami grew up and it’s now where she works. Top Chef is one of my favorite tv shows, and I’ve always been in awe at how these chefs create unique and beautiful dishes. I loved the parts where Cami was coming up with new recipes. She just put so much love into all her dishes. It was awesome.

3. I was glad to see a stepparent in such a positive light. We get a lot of no parents, single parents, or both parents, but we don’t often get to see how amazing a stepparent can be to a kid. Sarah Dessen did this very well in The Moon and More, and I was happy to see it in Stir Me Up. Not all stepparents are evil, but sadly we only get to see or hear or read about the ones who have done awful things. Here’s to amazing stepparents!

4. OMG…I LOVED THE BFF, TARYN! She constantly cracked me up with her texts. This book overall was really funny which I always appreciate. :)

5. Julian. Oh, mother of all things holy, this guy! Ok, so he starts off as such a jerk! So freaking surly, and understandably so, but geez! Buy, guys. Once he starts softening and getting back to his old self? He was amazing. Such an amazing, caring, and wonderful guy. AND HE WAS HOT! I loved how he took such care with Cami and how he wanted to make sure they didn’t hold each other back in any way.

6. The ending was so perfect in my opinion. It was the best way for both Julian and Cami to have a happily ever after, and I do believe these two have a forever kind of love. I can clearly see their future played out in my mind and I love what I see.

Those are the main reasons I loved this book, but really so many small details also contributed. I hope you guys will pick up Stir Me Up and give it a shot. It’s actually on sale for $1.99 right now for both Kindle and Nook. I’m so glad my friend Estelle (from Rather Be Reading) said: “You need to read this!” Thank you, Estelle! And thank you, Sabrina, for writing such a great romance. :)

Book Info

Stir Me Up by Sabrina Elkins
Published by Harlequin Teen
Pub Date: October 1st 2013
Pages: 268
Format: eARC | Source: NetGalley
Genres: ContemporaryRomanceYoung Adult
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Cami Broussard has her future all figured out. She’ll finish her senior year of high school, then go to work full-time as an apprentice chef in her father’s French restaurant, alongside her boyfriend, Luke. But then twenty-year-old ex-Marine Julian Wyatt comes to live with Cami’s family while recovering from serious injuries. And suddenly Cami finds herself questioning everything she thought she wanted.

Julian’s all attitude, challenges and intense green-brown eyes. But beneath that abrasive exterior is a man who just might be as lost as Cami’s starting to feel. And Cami can’t stop thinking about him. Talking to him. Wanting to kiss him. He’s got her seriously stirred up. Her senior year has just gotten a lot more complicated…

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    Wendy @ Book Scents

    Ahhh yes! I also LOVED this one so so much!!! Food aspect was amazing, Taryn hilarious and Julian was just… omg, LOVED HIM. I totally agree with you about the ending too! Definitely one of my faves for the year!

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    Ginger @ GReads!

    This is one of those times I am wondering if I downloaded the same book? haha I started this one last week & unfortunately could not finish it. Maybe it wasn’t the right time? That could be possible. I see so many others enjoying it that I may need to give it a second try.

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    Yippee! So glad you felt so strongly about this. I also loved her making her own recipes. I wish I had a talent like that. And good point about the stepmom! I didn’t even think of that.

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    So glad you loved this one!!! I did too!! You make such a great point about the stepparent– Estella was awesome. I loved how supportive she was of Cami and Julian regardless of whether she was okay with what was going on! She was a great secondary character! Julian was freaking sexy! Like seriously— hose me down!! :)

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    Aly @ My Hearts Books

    Yay! I’m super excited that you thought it was that good. I was debating whether or not to buy it on B&N because I hadn’t heard much about it then, but it was on sale. I literally just check out you review and bought it before it went back up. I hope I love it like you did!

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    So many people loved this and it sounds so wonderful. Plus it’s $1.99 so I really can’t pass it up! hopefully I love it as much as you do.

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