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Trust Me, I'm Lying by Mary Elizabeth Summer

4 Stars

Julep is a grifter, she has spent most of her life conning and lying to people to get what she wants. She attends St. Agatha’s, an exclusive private school that has students with parents that are some of the richest and powerful people in Chicago, and it’s the perfect place for Julep to find new marks. After working a pretty routine job Julep finds out her father is missing and may have gotten caught up with some dangerous people. She does everything in her power to find him. Her best friend, and sometimes sidekick Sam is there to help her every step of the way. To add more complications Tyler, the most desirable boy in school, starts to show a lot of interest in Julep and she can’t help but return those feelings.

Julep’s relationship with her father is really interesting, he taught her all she knows and has taken care of her the best he can since her mother left. It’s obvious she loves him a lot but she doesn’t want to be like him. She doesn’t want to live the lonely life of a grifter, she wants some stability. Julep needs to make things at St. Agatha’s work so she can graduate and go to Yale. She wants a normal life, but in order to get that she still has to run some cons to pay her tuition.

There are a lot of things I didn’t see coming in this book, the last few chapters are amazing and exciting. Julep is a great main character and she reminds me a little of Veronica Mars. She just can’t help but care about people even though everything her father taught her tells her to do the opposite. Julep is great at reading her marks, but when it comes to her own life she can be pretty clueless. Sam is totally in love with Julep and all the signs are there but she just can’t see it. Then there’s Tyler, Julep can’t help but buy into his charm. This is one of the only love triangles that didn’t bug me. I liked both guys and could see why Julep cared about them. Also, the triangle does get resolved in the end, in a pretty surprising way.

This book was surprisingly emotional and I just fell in love with Julep and was with her every step of the way. She’s so sarcastic and funny, so the book isn’t too serious. I was happy to learn that there is a sequel because there are some major unanswered questions that I am really curious about. I can’t wait for the sequel to see what Julep is up to next.

Book Info

Trust Me, I’m Lying by Mary Elizabeth Summer
Series: Trust Me #1
Published by Delacorte Press
Pub Date: October 14th 2014
Pages: 336
Format: Hardcover | Source: Library
Genres: MysteryRomanceYoung Adult
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Fans of Ally Carter’s Heist Society novels will love this teen mystery/thriller with sarcastic wit, a hint of romance, and Ocean’s Eleven–inspired action.

Julep Dupree tells lies. A lot of them. She’s a con artist, a master of disguise, and a sophomore at Chicago’s swanky St. Agatha High, where her father, an old-school grifter with a weakness for the ponies, sends her to so she can learn to mingle with the upper crust. For extra spending money Julep doesn’t rely on her dad—she runs petty scams for her classmates while dodging the dean of students and maintaining an A+ (okay, A-) average.

But when she comes home one day to a ransacked apartment and her father gone, Julep’s carefully laid plans for an expenses-paid golden ticket to Yale start to unravel. Even with help from St. Agatha’s resident Prince Charming, Tyler Richland, and her loyal hacker sidekick, Sam, Julep struggles to trace her dad’s trail of clues through a maze of creepy stalkers, hit attempts, family secrets, and worse, the threat of foster care. With everything she has at stake, Julep’s in way over her head . . . but that’s not going to stop her from using every trick in the book to find her dad before his mark finds her. Because that would be criminal.

Tamara @ Gone with the Words

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    • Tamara @ Gone with the Words

      Tamara @ Gone with the Words

      If you loved Heist Society I think you might like this one. Lots of scheming and intrigue.

    • Tamara @ Gone with the Words

      Tamara @ Gone with the Words

      Thanks! Heist Society is great too! I hope you read them soon :)

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    Alexa S.

    Trust Me, I’m Lying sounds so fun and twisty! I do like reading those books sometimes, especially when it’s written in a clever way. I’m intrigued by the mishmash of plots that make up this story, so I might just have to check it out. Great review!

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    Stephanie @ Once Upon a Chapter

    This book sounds so awesome! I’ll definitely be checking it out. I love Ocean’s and thought it was very clever. Plus it’s set in Chicago and no joke, I could see this kind of abduction happening. Easily. This book wasn’t rven on my radar. Thank you for sharing!

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