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Unleashed by Sophie Jordan

2.5 Stars

I read Uninvited last year and absolutely loved it. Sadly, that was not the case with Unleashed. Davy, Sean, Gil, and Sabine have escaped their horrible prison camp and are on their way to Mexico. On their way there things go awry and they end up getting separated. Davy is on her own and rescued by a rebel camp. So this all sounds very interesting, and it is in the beginning. As the story goes on it gets more and more disappointing. Davy can’t make up her mind about whether she wants to stay or go. Then there’s Caden, not Sean, Caden, and of course, a love triangle happens.

I didn’t have any really strong feelings about Davy and Sean in the first book, but bringing Caden into the second book made no sense to me. It makes everything that Davy and Sean went through in the first book seem irrelevant. Plus, it just seems like an odd choice to bring in a love interest in the second book after already establishing a relationship in the first one. Caden and Davy spend most of the book doing a very tiresome, will they won’t they dance that had me rolling my eyes a lot while reading.

What really killed this book for me was the ending. Everything wrapped up too easily and there was no real struggle or conflict for the characters. All the resolution happened outside of the characters so we just hear bits and pieces about it, but the characters aren’t involved. The rebellion is talked about a lot and we see where they are based but they don’t actually do anything which made me wonder why introduce them at all?

This book was all about the romance, the main story took a back burner for it and it really affected the way I felt about the book. I loved Uninvited because of the interesting concept about genetics and seeing how Davy was treated after finding out she had the gene. This book takes place in a little bubble and we rarely see the outside world at all. Everything is about Davy and her complicated feelings. I really wanted to love this book and sing it’s praises to everyone but obviously, that just didn’t happen.

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Unleashed by Sophie Jordan
Series: Uninvited #2
Published by HarperTeen
Pub Date: February 24th 2015
Pages: 368
Format: eBook | Source: Purchased
Genres: DystopianRomanceSci-FiYoung Adult
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Unleashed, the romantic, high-stakes sequel to New York Times bestselling author Sophie Jordan’s Uninvited, is perfect for fans of James Patterson’s Confessions of a Murder Suspect.

Davy has spent the last few months trying to come to terms with the fact that she tested positive for the kill gene HTS (also known as Homicidal Tendency Syndrome). She swore she would not let it change her, and that her DNA did not define her . . . but then she killed a man.

Now on the run, Davy must decide whether she’ll be ruled by the kill gene or if she’ll follow her heart and fight for her right to live free. But with her own potential for violence lying right beneath the surface, Davy doesn’t even know if she can trust herself.

Tamara @ Gone with the Words

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    I was so disappointed when I heard there was going to be a new love interest in this one, and I pretty much wrote it off immediately. I loved the romance in the first book – for me, the dystopian elements took a backseat to the romance, which was the opposite of you, but I’m glad we can agree on how unnecessary Caden is lol. It’s a shame that all the rebellion and revolution happen off-screen. You have to wonder: what was the point of even having a second book?

    I’m glad I went with my gut and stayed away from this. This way I can keep remembering Uninvited positively.

    • Tamara @ Gone with the Words

      Tamara @ Gone with the Words

      I was so disappointed, I didn’t read any reviews before diving into it and I was so thrown off by everything that happened. I wasn’t crazy about Sean but they spent the whole first book building up the relationship only to ignore it, it made no sense. I would definitely stay away if you loved the romance between Davy and Sean, this book would probably make you furious lol. Thanks for commenting!

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    Jessica @ a GREAT read

    I’m starting to hear about this in the book. I still need to read it myself but really, I’ve read a lot of reviews that speak of utter disappointment. Especially with this new love interest. I really don’t like that in books either. You get sooo invested in who you believe is the ONE, only to have a a new love interest thrust at you. Granted, I believe love triangles can be done well, despite my hate of them.

    Sad to hear that this one wasn’t as great as the first. Hoping I will be able to find some kind of enjoyment.

    • Tamara @ Gone with the Words

      Tamara @ Gone with the Words

      I was so thrown off by Caden, maybe if they had introduced him in the first book I could have let it slide. I am always wary of love triangles and this one just didn’t do anything for me. I hope you can find something to enjoy in it. Thanks for commenting!

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    Nova @ Out of Time

    I REFUSED to read this one.

    I didn’t actually like Uninvited, to be honest. i loved the aspect of Davy being treated differently, sure but that was it. Everything else read like a contemporary and it was all so juvenile. I actually liked Sean, even though he was pretty cookiecutter bad boy.

    This review confirms everything I was thinking about it. I’m glad I didn’t waste my time.

    • Tamara @ Gone with the Words

      Tamara @ Gone with the Words

      I loved seeing how Davy was treated too, those were my favorite parts of the book. I could deal with the contemporary feel because of it, but this book just lacked that part of the story that I loved so much. I was okay with Sean, like you said he was pretty cookiecutter but he won me over. I think I’m just going to remember what I loved about Uninvited and create my own ending lol. Thanks for commenting!

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    Amber Elise

    Wait, is this a dulogy, not trilogy? I wasn’t the biggest fan of Davy and Sean in Uninvited as well, I can’t imagine sitting through a love triangle. No thank you.

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    Kel @ Booked til Tuesday

    I still haven’t read the first book, though I’ve been meaning to. It sounds like this is a series where it’s best to stop after Book 1. Introducing a love triangle, separating the characters from all the action, and focusing on feelings the entire time? Yikes! Thanks for the warning! This is definitely not a book for me.

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