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Stacking the Shelves

Last month Penguin Teen had a contest going for the release of the hardbacks of Anna and Lola with the new covers. I had to post a pic and ask them “#MatchMyIsla”….

So I did…. AND I WON! I was 1 of 50 winners actually. Here’re what I got:

A cover for both my Anna and Lola copies! Look at how pretty they look together now!

I also bought these two to complete my sets :)

I also bought a holiday novella by Shannon Stacey because she’s proven to write some of my faves.




Jess @ Gone with the Words

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    That’s so cool! Congratulations on winning :D I was really angry that they changed Stephanie’s book covers, but now that I actually see them together in your photo, I actually think I prefer those now! I’m going to have to buy Isla sometime in the near future. I love Stephanie’s writing style. I also need to buy some holiday reads as well so I have some from cute and christmasmy books for December :D

    -Amber @ bookish wonders

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    Amber Elise

    Yay your collection matches! I can’t wait to buy this set, I just read Isla and I was filled with THE FEELS.
    Amber Elise @ Du Livre

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    Whoo! I won Isla, but still have to get Lola, they all look so good together though! :) And I so need to get hardcopies of Throne of Glass, love the paperbacks but they’ll all look so good together too. ;)

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