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Book Moments | Book to Movie or TV Show

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TGIF is a weekly feature created and hosted by GReads! that re-caps the week’s posts and has different question each week.

This week’s question: Book Moments: What has been your favorite moment (scene) in a book that you’ve read so far in 2012? Please be kind & not include spoilers.

The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy NelsonI CHEATED! There! I confessed! It was only a little cheating though… :)

I went with TWO scenes from ONE book that still holds the spot for favorite of the year so far. Be prepared to swoon and smile!

Then his hands are on my cheeks and we are kissing and the rain is pouring all over our crazy heads and once again my whole being is aflame with joy.

I didn’t know love felt like this, like turning into brightness.

“What are you doing?” I say, when I can finally bring myself to pull away for a moment.

“I saw it was raining–I snuck out, wanted to see you, just like this.”


I know the expression love bloomed is metaphorical, but in my heart in this moment, there is one bad-ass flower, captured in time-lapse photography, going from bud to wild radiant blossom in ten seconds flat.

“You okay?” he asks. His hands are on either side of my arms and he’s peering into my face.

“Yes.” I’m wondering how people breathe in these situations. “I’m fine.”

“You are fine,” he says, looking me over like a major dork, which immediately snaps me out of my love spell.

“Ugh, quel dork,” I say, pushing him away.

He laughs and slips his arm around my shoulders.

I love this because he reminds me of my fiancé in that moment. After all, the way to this girl’s heart is with humor. The boy needs to only make me laugh. :)


Follow Friday

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This week’s question: What book would you love to see made into a movie or television show and do you have actors/actresses in mind to play the main characters?


Until There Was You by Kristan HigginsI recently read Until There Was You by Kristan Higgins and LOVED it…I mean, LOOOOOVED! And I immediately thought it would make and excellent movie, with the right screenwriter and actors. It would have to showcase the tone of this book perfectly though, because it could easily be turned into something cheesy, which this book is not. :)


Jess @ Gone with the Words

43 Responses to “Book Moments | Book to Movie or TV Show”

  1. Avatar

    Ginger @ GReads!

    AAAHHHH I love The Sky is Everywhere SO MUCH. Reading those quotes has made me want to pick it back up again :)  Such good book moments to share Jess!!!

  2. Avatar


    ahhhh you just made me want to read The Sky Is Everywhere again!! Sa-woon indeed. I’m excited and kind of nervous for the film! 

  3. Avatar

    Lisa Schensted

    UM YES. Serious swoon for sure! I’ll have to read this book soon!

  4. Avatar

    V Steel

    Seeing your blog design is always treat.

    -Old Follower ; ) Sky is Everywhere?? Yes!

  5. Avatar

    Miss Vains Paranormal Fantasy

    I have never heard of this book??? However with that sexy and romantic excerpt, I’m going to check it out on  GR tonight! ;)

    Happy FF
    Old follower
    Here’s My FF 

  6. Avatar

    Kimberly Peterson

    Sky of Everywhere sounds so good.  Thanks for the excerpts!  Kristan Higgins is one of my favorite authors.  I love the way she writes and her stories are so sweet.  They’d all make good movies (as long as they don’t go cheesy)

    New follower :)

    TGIF & FF

  7. Avatar


    I think cheating is absolutely allowed, considering Ginger also chose two scenes instead of one, and from different books to boot! And I think it’s good that you like a book that much that it holds more than one favorite scene, amking you unable to pick one over the other. ;)
    This is my TGIF for this week

  8. Avatar


    I’m surprised you could limit yourself to only two quotes from The Sky is Everywhere. What a beautiful book….

    Have a great weekend!

    My TGIF and FF

  9. Avatar


    Awww, that is so very sweet! I love both scenes, and while I haven’t read as many contemporaries, I’m really inspired to read The Sky is Everywhere. :) Thanks for sharing, Jess, both scenes were breath-taking.

    My Book Scenes

  10. Avatar

    Monica C.

    I haven’t heard of this book….but its seems like another book to list as to-read! I agree, even as much as you think the significant other is a dork, you need some humor :) 

  11. Avatar

    TC Booked Up

    I feel like I must be the only one not to have heard of that book. Nice excerpts and it says a lot that you couldn’t pick your fave bit and that there were other contenders too.

  12. Avatar


    My bff keeps telling me I need to read Sky is Everywhere, and now I definitely will!! Thanks for sharing :) 

    My TGIF

  13. Avatar


    I haven’t read The Sky is Everywhere, but now I’m adding it to my list! I’ve seen a few reviews of it, but those two quotes have totally sold me on wanting to read it! 

  14. Avatar

    Jussy Who

    You have a great blog :D Haven’t read those yet but I will get around to it.

    New follower on all the ones you have.

    Here is my FF :D


  15. Avatar

    Cathy Keaton

    LOL, the last one is a cute scene. I can see how it stands out and makes you take notice.

    Thanks for commenting on my favorite scene from my blog today!

  16. Avatar

    Katelyn Torrey

    Ohhh! I just love your favorite moments so much. Even if I haven’t read the book I can still appreciate the swoon-worthy (and funny) moments ;)

  17. Avatar

    Lisa @ Lost in Literature

    I’ve never heard of it, but I’ll definitely check it out.

    New follower! :)

    Lisa @ Lost in Literature
    My FF

  18. Avatar

    Jasmine Rose

    Those scenes made me want to go out and get the book right now! This one will definitely be finding a home on my TBR ;]
    Thanks for sharing! :D

  19. Avatar

    Tabitha Sanchez

    Ahhh! I have no idea why I haven’t read The Sky is Everywhere yet, but those quotes are making me want to read them even more.! Thanks for the great quotes (:
    New follower!

  20. Avatar


    This is such a beautiful blog! Wow! I can’t wait to read more of your reviews.
    I have heard amazing things about The Sky Is Everywhere! Thank you for convincing me to move it up on my TBR pile!

  21. Avatar

    rachel clarke

    Oh wow those two passages The Sky is Everywhere are gorgeous! I think this is a book I’ll definitely have to add to my TBR like now. TYSM for sharing!

  22. Avatar


    I love the quotes you choose. Make me want to get the book, now! Though I hadn’t heard of it before.
    Thanks for stopping by :)

  23. Avatar

    Jessica Boehret

    Oh wow. Love both of those quotes. I’m gonna have to get ahold of The Sky is Everywhere ASAP! That cover is so pretty. ; )

    Thanks for visiting The Daily Bookmark!Jessie Marie – Following you back!

  24. Avatar

    Fictitious Delicious Book Blog

    Oh, Jess.  My heart aches from the beauty that is The Sky is Everywhere.  It is one of my favorite, if not my very favorite, stand alone book.  Thanks for reminding me why. <3


  25. Avatar


    I hadn’t heard of The Sky is Everywhere before. Sounds like a perfect choice if I’m ever in the mood for romancy things. 

    I’m a new NB follower and thanks for stopping by WFTM when the post was originally put up a month ago. :)

    Leslie @ Working for the Mandroid

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