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This week’s question: Characters We Love: Which male &/or female characters have you connected to most?

You know what’s scary? I always connect most with characters who end or try to end their lives. And I am in no way suicidal, trust me. But I have felt that desolate in the past and I guess that’s why I connect to them most. I don’t want to name books who have these characters because some would be spoilers, but there is one I can name: Hannah of Thirteen Reasons Why. To not make this post insanely long, read my review of it HERE, where you can see how I was affected by that book.


Follow Friday

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This week’s question is: What is the book that you really don’t want to admit to loving?

I don’t have anything to hide! :P Aside from all of my Romance novels that is, which are kept in their own bookcase in my bedroom and not in full display with my other books. Hehe. And I do love those…I love them, yes, I said it!


Book Blogger Hop

This week’s question is: Since today is April Fool’s Day in the USA, what is the best prank you have ever played on someone OR that someone has played on you?

Ugh…I am so boring! I’ve never really pranked anyone in a major way!! Sure, I gave the “I’m pregnant!” to the boyfriend/friends/family, but that’s old!! (It’s old, but it works, muahaha)


Jess @ Gone with the Words

25 Responses to “Characters We Love | Book I Admit To Love | Best April Fool’s Prank”

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    Yes, I think the "I'm pregnant" thing is just enough to be a very scary prank! LOLHopping by!

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    Ginger @ GReads!

    I really need to read 13 Reasons Why. I've heard REALLY great things about it! I know what you mean about connecting to emotionally distraught characters. The more depth, the better.

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    I have never told someone I was pregnant, but I once got a bill from my doctor’s office for artificial insemination procedures. I then showed it to the guy I was dating at the time without saying anything else. He freaked out. I thought it was hilarious but he wouldn't speak to me for quite some time after that even when I explained I had already called the doctor’s office and let them know that I hadn't been in recently for ANYTHING – let alone what was listed on the bill. I still thought it was funny.I’m just stopping by for the blog hop! I love your header too.

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    Logan E. Turner

    I keep meaning to read 13 Reasons Why. I'm waiting for the price to come down on the Kindle version. I agree with you about connecting to those types of characters though. It makes me feel like we're all in this together and makes me focus more on what's happening in his/her life.

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    Howard Sherman

    At first I wasn't going to participate in this week's Book Blogger Hop. I'm not even sure why.But here I am. And I'm glad! To dispel any false impressions people may have had about me being a old, stodgy fuddy-duddy I'm happy to share some of my very best pranks with you.Highlights include – low-grade explosives, eggs and salt shakers. Get all the side-splitting details over on my blog – http://www.howardsherman.netThey date back to my younger years as a Brooklyn boy which brings about some introspection.I'm going to go pull some pranks today. Look out world! I'm coming out of prankster retirement!Howard Sherman

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    i have to agree with you. "i am pregnant" always always works! i tried it a couple of times, and it never fails me! LOL!

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    Liz Tea

    I totally hide my romance novels too! They're in a basket in the bedroom on the bottom shelf. I may have been able to come out of the Twilight closet, but I don't think I can put my cheesy romances out there quite yet. XD

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    I can usually connect with most of the characters in one way or another. I can see a piece of myself in them :)

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