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The Captain America Book Tag

Thanks to Alexa for the fantastic idea to make my own Captain America book tag! She helped me finalize a couple of the questions too. And thank you to my husband Chris for making me the awesome graphic, which you are more than welcome to use if you credit me :) Let’s get started!

Steve Rogers/Captain America: a book with a big character transformation
Ginny Weasley in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Ginny changes enormously from Chamber of Secrets to OotP. She’s still the awesome girl she always was but she really begins to come into her own in this book. She becomes friends with a wide circle of people, starts to date in earnest, joins the Quidditch team, and is an integral member of Dumbledore’s Army. Ginny is also a powerful, intelligent witch with a talent for defensive magic who’s not afraid to stand up for herself or her friends… much like Steve Rogers :)


Peggy Carter: a book with a strong female protagonist
The Lunar Chronicles – I love that TLC has a variety of female protagonists that are strong in different ways. Cinder is a gifted mechanic, Scarlet is independent and good at solving mysteries, Cress learns to be brave and can hack into anything electronic, and Winter is emotionally strong. They all have to fight to survive at one point, both for their lives and for their relationships.


Bucky Barnes: a book with your ultimate BROTP
The best BROTP without question is Ronan Lynch and Blue Sargent in The Raven Cycle. I love them so much! They work so well together because they complement each other in opposite ways- different brands of the same impossible stuff. I live for their evolving relationship throughout the series, the way they snipe at each other but protect each other at all costs. The cave scenes at the beginning and end of Blue Lily Lily Blue are two of my favorite Blue/Ronan moments.


Howling Commandos: a book with squad goals
The Inner Court at Rhysand’s Night Court in A Court of Mist and Fury is so amazing. There’s so much history between all five of them and it shows in their individual relationships and personalities. Plus you know that despite the teasing and arguing, at the end of the day they’ll go to war for one of their own.


Red Skull: a book with a cliche plot
Throne of Glass – the first book definitely feels the most cliche out of them all (love triangle, a deadly competition, evil king) but that doesn’t make it a bad book! It just happens to hit everything on the fantasy checklist.


Natasha Romanoff: a book with a snarky side character
Derrick the pixie is my faaaavorite character in The Falconer (and there are a lot of good ones to choose from!). He’s hilarious and very snarky, especially after a thimbleful of honey, which is like alcohol to pixies. I like that he’s secretive and emotional because it adds to the snark in his friendship with Aileana when she asks questions he doesn’t want to answer.


Sam Wilson: a book with a friendship meet cute.
If I recall correctly, in Since You’ve Been Gone Emily is working at an ice cream parlor and Dawn runs in from the pizza place next door to avoid her cheating boyfriend and bff. She’s upset and spills her guts to Emily without knowing her, but Emily listens sympathetically and ends up going to deliver pizzas with her so she can cross an item off of her dare list. It’s unplanned, spontaneous, and a total meet cute than turns into a real friendship. Adorable :)


Winter Soldier: a book with a great twist (plot twist or retelling)
I remember the twist at the end of Catching Fire made my jaw drop. I thought it was brilliant and led into the last book perfectly.


I’m Just A Kid from Brooklyn: a book with a memorable setting/character backstory
The Wood in Uprooted could count as both a character and a memorable setting! An evil sentient wood with hundreds of years of history, bloodshed, and heartache is definitely memorable.


Do You Two…. Fondue?: a book with a love triangle
For some reason Siege and Storm comes to mind, mostly because I can picture Nikolai cheekily asking Alina and Mal if they fondue *wink wink*. I can just ask easily picture Mal asking Nikolai the same thing, albeit with a bit more jealousy behind it haha.


You’ve Been Asleep, Cap: a book you love with a dual timeline/time travel
Outlander works so well here as Claire does wake up in a different time, twice. She’s disoriented like Steve Rogers and has to adjust quickly to her surroundings, all while wondering what happened to her loved ones. It’s tragic. Plus Outlander uses time travel brilliantly in its plot throughout the series and I love it.


Til The End Of The Line: a book with the OTP to end all OTPs
I could do this all day ;) But since I’ve been gently nudging everyone on twitter to read Every Breath lately, I’m going with James Mycroft and Rachel Watts. Wattscroft is a truly remarkable ship and a worthy OTP. It’s not always smooth sailing and they both suffer from traumatic events that manifest themselves in different ways. But they love each other so much and they communicate. They always find a way back to each other and would 100% go til the end of the line. Plus their banter is terrific and swoony, and the sexual tension is intensely hot! Surprise kisses and ankle grabs for the win.


I Had A Date: a book with a cliffhanger
The Orphan Queen and A Dance With Dragons both end with very similar, VERY CRUEL, very in-the-moment cliffhangers. It was torture to wait for The Mirror King and I’m still waiting for The Winds of Winter. *glares angrily*


I Understood That Reference: a book with a pop culture reference
There are a ton of awesome pop culture references in My Lady Jane but the One Direction references in The Deal really made me grin :D And can we talk about the fact that there is a sexy car scene with 1D playing in the background, because that’s fantastic.

“Did you re-download One Direction?”
“Uh huh. So why is ‘Story of my Life’ playing?” I demand.
She pauses then lets out a big sigh. “Because I like One Direction. There. I said it.”
The Deal, page 273, kindle


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Morgan @ Gone with the Words

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    Jess @ POB!

    That’s so cool that you made your own tag! I might do this even though I’m not a die-hard fan of Captain America, but I do know someone who is & I just sent her the link!

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    I know I already flailed at you over this on twitter but MORGAAAAN THIS IS AMAAAAAZING. The category names, the questions — it’s so awesome. I am so excited to do this on my own blog.

    Apparently I really need to read the Every series huh? I am so not a Sherlock person but you all mention this ship so much and I am SUCH A FAN OF SHIIIPS.

    >_> AND YEAH…… [forever side-eyeing GRRM]

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      Morgan @ Gone with the Words


      You really really need to read it! I’m not a Sherlock person either (I liked the RDJ movie but that’s about it) and it’s still so good. It’s very Australian, and I think you’ll be impressed with the depth of the characters and the writing. It’s all very exciting and mysterious! The Sherlock stuff is more incidental. Plus SHIP!!!!

      G Who Must Not Be Named hahaha.

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