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The Taylor Swift Book Tag

Created by The Book Life, the Taylor Swift Book Tag is a fun way to pair book titles to famous Taylor Swift songs through a handful of questions. The lovely Danielle at Love at First Page tagged me because I pretty much freaked over this tag when I heard about it, lol. So here we go!
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I was INTO IT, y’all. Into the story, the characters, all of it. And then I start the sequel and it’s like, “This chick is unbearable!”  I seriously only made it 50 pages into the sequel and was done with it.


I mean…  


Sarah Dessen’s books always make me nostalgic for my teenage years. She has that special quality in her writing that always takes me back there.


Mikey’s sister is assaulted by Ellie’s brother, then Mikey and Ellie meet and are completely drawn to each other. SO GOOD! You should read this if you haven’t. 




LOL Thank you, world, for giving me enough information to skip this one.


This book is told from the bully’s POV, so seeing her development was really interesting.


I just love Sarah Dessen…


These two… 
(This is Jamie & Claire from STARZ Outlander show, btw )


I’ll buy you a copy before lending you my hardcovers of this series. 



I think people are a lot more MEH than HATE about this series but I LOVE it. *shakes it off*


“Rock on!” – “What he said!” 




First one that came to mind! I need to read more though.


I’m inviting all fans of Taylor Swift to participate in this tag! :)

Jess @ Gone with the Words

11 Responses to “The Taylor Swift Book Tag”

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    Wendy @ Book Scents

    Love it! I just did the tag this week too! :) Ahh I love Jamie and Claire! I stopped at book 3, I was iffy about continuing but I want to! you know, i’ve never read Sarah Dessen!! I’ll def have to try one sometime.

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    Alexa S.

    I love your answers, Jess! (Seriously though, isn’t this tag just really fun to do?) I so approve of you using a BDB book for the “red” category. LOVE THE BROTHERHOOD!

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    Amber Elise

    I didn’t even know that Nick and Nora was a book! Learn something new everyday!

    So does that mean that you’re not going to see 50 Shades this weekend? Teehee. I heard a review of it by some guys and they couldn’t get over how abusive Christian Grey was and didn’t understand the appeal (besides the money). Sounds about right.

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    So many wonderfully paired books in this post! I especially agree with The Truth About Forever. It’s my favorite Dessen book, and definitely a nostalgic one.

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    Let me just say I love this tag (Yay Taylor Swift;)) and I love all your choices!:)
    Same thing happened with me for the Chemical Garden series- I liked the first book but after that I fell out of love with it:( Also I loved, loved, loved Divergent but then Allegiant came along… (such a disappointment and I thought the last book would be beyond amazing)
    When I saw Shadow and Bone and the “you know why” I’m pretty sure I burst out laughing because The Darkling is just….<3
    I'm pretty sure Me Before You would break me:'(
    Cinder is such an amazing fairytale retelling- I mean a cyborg Cinderella:D
    Great post!

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    Danielle @ Love at First Page

    Yay, thanks for participating girl! These are fun choices. I feel the same way about The Truth About Forever – there’s something very nostalgic about it. I also chose Cinder for favorite retelling – what else?! I have You Against Me on my TBR and am even more excited to read it now. :)

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    Nicole @ TQC

    Wither is such a good pick for We are Never Ever Getting Back Together! I really enjoyed Wither, but the rest of the series kind of went downhill. The Darkling IS DEFINITELY TROUBLE OF THE BEST SORT <3 And definitely love books set in Paris (and Just One Day in general) and I picked Cinder of my favorite retelling too! That series takes the cake!

    Great picks!!
    Nicole @ The Quiet Concert

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    Jessica@Lovin' Los Libros

    SHADE! Ahhhh! Really?! People are meh about that series? WHATTTTTT? OMG. *grabs Zachary and holds him close* I have been thinking of doing a reread of that one at some point this year.

    *hides* I have never read a Dessen book. I’d like to though! I was afraid maybe her books would be a bit young, but so many people love them, I’ll just have to decide for myself!

    Sigh. I wish I had STARZ because I REALLY want to watch Outlander! And eventually read the books too.

    This is such a fun post! I got tagged also, but haven’t quite had time to sit down and do it.

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