The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski – Top Ten Reasons To Get it Today!

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The Winner's Curse by Marie Rutkoski - Top Ten Reasons To Get it Today!

The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski has been reviewed beautifully by so many people out there, so when it came time for me to review it, I knew there was no way I could even try. Not in that way anyway. So I began thinking of ways for me to share my love of this book with you guys! And being that it’s Tuesday, the day I normally do Top Ten, AND also the release day of The Winner’s Curse, I figured I’d combine the two!

ALSO!! Thanks to the Fierce Reads team for these awesome graphic quotes!! I loved putting them together for this post!

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1. Kestrel

The moment you meet Kestrel you’re intrigued by this girl. She’s different and that’s obvious from the beginning. She accidentally ends up at a slave auction and the things that catch her eye about Arin are so interesting, but what makes her bid is when it’s mentioned he’s a singer. Sold! But why, Kesterl?! Why the singing?? You’ll have to read and find out. :)

2. Kestrel’s Not Fronting

I loved that Kestrel would speak up to her father, and I loved that her father listened to her. He didn’t bend to her whims, but he was fair, in my opinion. She’s honest about her strengths and weaknesses and I appreciated that. Keep it real, girl!

3. The Slaves

The Herrans are a race that has suffered so much at the hands of Valorians. They took everything from them. Some even have to serve in what used to be their homes. It was tough to read. No amount of being treated “well” could ever make up for what they took. I think Arin is completely justified in his cause too. There’s a lot of manipulation going on though! That kinds of stung….

4. The Valorians

Valorians to me seemed like flamboyant barbarians. They don’t shy away from fights, duels, battles, war…but at the same time they lead lives full of pretty clothes and big parties. They are into high society and gossip and they were so oblivious of the fact that Herran people would want to take back their land. Kestrel is definitely different, and people notice because they talk about her, and not in a good way. They’re dumb. She’s awesome.

5. Arin

I loved Arin. He was smart, strong, honest, and honorable. But oooooh, how he could manipulate. Our girl didn’t stand a chance, to be honest. I knew she’d fall for him instantly, but to get to Arin’s heart, you basically have to almost die for him. Or maybe he just felt like she was an impossibility for him. Either way, he doesn’t really get swoony until the last third of the book, I’d say, but it was glorious seeing him get there.

6. Realistic Fantasy

Did you know there was such a thing? I didn’t. I wasn’t sure how to classify this book…it reads like a fantasy novel, but there was no fantasy. So I decided to ask Marie Rutkoski on twitter and she explained about the Realistic Fantasy genre out there. I’m TOTALLY intrigued by it now! Hope I can read more of it. And the writing! I mean…it’s just fantastically written. Plot, prose, characters…SO GOOD!

7. War, Huh…

“What is it good for? Absolutely nothing.” But sometimes it’s so that people can get their land and their homes back. It was pretty brutal, this rebellion. Watch out!


9. ALLLL The Praise

There’s no shortage of people praising this book. Even I’m doing it!! For better breakdowns of this fantastic book check out the following reviews by ASHELEY | LAUREN | KIRKUS :)

10. The Ending

UGGGGH! I really didn’t know how it would end but I was not prepared to have my heart wrenched!

Ok, one more for the ending…

Ok, I’m good now.

Book Info

The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski
Series: The Winner’s Trilogy #1
Published by Farrar Straus and Giroux BfYR
Pub Date: March 4th 2014
Pages: 355
Format: ARC | Source: Publisher
Genres: FantasyRomanceYoung Adult
Buy the book! | Goodreads

Winning what you want may cost you everything you love
As a general’s daughter in a vast empire that revels in war and enslaves those it conquers, seventeen-year-old Kestrel has two choices: she can join the military or get married. But Kestrel has other intentions. One day, she is startled to find a kindred spirit in a young slave up for auction. Arin’s eyes seem to defy everything and everyone. Following her instinct, Kestrel buys him—with unexpected consequences. It’s not long before she has to hide her growing love for Arin. But he, too, has a secret, and Kestrel quickly learns that the price she paid for a fellow human is much higher than she ever could have imagined.
Set in a richly imagined new world, The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski is a story of deadly games where everything is at stake, and the gamble is whether you will keep your head or lose your heart.

Go out and get it today!!!



About Marie Rutkoski

Marie Rutkoski is the author of the YA novel The Shadow Society, about a girl who discovers that she’s not human and that her kind are terrorists in an alternate world where the Great Chicago Fire never happened. The Shadow Society will be published October 30, 2012. Marie has also written the children’s fantasy series The Kronos Chronicles, including The Cabinet of Wonders, The Celestial Globeand The Jewel of the Kalderash. The Cabinet of Wonders, her debut novel, was named an Indie Next Kids’ List Great Read and a Bank Street Best Children’s Book of the Year, among other honors.

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14 Responses to “The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski – Top Ten Reasons To Get it Today!”

  1. Lisa

    You so nailed it with your review.
    And all the quotes are so amazing!

    Serious love for this lush historical REALISTIC read!

  2. Jennifer @ The Bawdy Book Blog

    BEST REVIEW EVER!!!! I love it! This book hit me in all the right feels and I just can’t wait for the second and she needs to hurry and write it! I haven’t been this excited about a new series in SO LONG. Gah! *flails*

  3. Felicia S (The Geeky Blogger)

    I am 70% done and while I am not as in love with it as you are–I am excited to get to the end that everyone is loving. I am enjoying it and if they didn’t mention that they are 17 and 18 year olds (repeatedly) this is honestly one of the most unangsty YA I have read and that I do appreciate.

  4. Sara @ Just Another Story

    Loved this book! It was SO good- so worth the hype. I loved how you did this list. Arin was a favourite of mine. It was hard not to be in his corner. The end… goodness the end- when I read it I thought my ereader had cut out. I can’t wait to read the rest of the trilogy.

    ~Sara @ Just Another Story

  5. Lina

    Wow, it’s so great to finally know what genre the book was! I also loved The Winner’s Curse but had trouble categorizing it…I thought maybe it was some sort of Sci-Fi with alien races, but my sister thought it was Historical fiction…I’ll definitely be looking into Realistic Fantasy!!

  6. Brenna from Esther's Ever After

    You pretty much captured all of my thoughts on this book perfectly! I really loved it, especially Kestrel. And you’re right about her relationship with her father. I liked that it was different from what I’m used to reading in YA.

    I’m reallyyyyyyyy excited for the next book. We’re getting closer to it! But I’m also afraid it’s going to be painful after the ending in Winner’s Curse!

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