Thursday Tracks: Ghost + New Weekly Meme Details!


Thursday Tracks: Ghost + New Weekly Meme Details!


I got a good enough for me response to my poll that I’ve decided to host Thursday Tracks as a weekly meme/feature here on the blog!

I will include a linky to my post where you guys can link to yours! I can’t wait to see what music you’ll pick.

Here’s some guidelines, but if you have a question, please leave me a comment and I’ll answer those there.

  • You can create your own Thursday Tracks image or use mine. If you are using mine though, please [media-downloader media_id=”31768″ texts=”DOWNLOAD”] it and SAVE it to your own site. Please don’t just paste my image link into your posts since that eats up my paid-for bandwidth.  [media-downloader media_id=”31768″ texts=”DOWNLOAD HERE”]
  • You can use any format for your posts. Single song, whole album, playlists: it’s all good. Do what you want when it comes to this.
  • You can use any music service you want, just keep in mind that not everyone may be signed up for it. I usually go with Spotify (what I prefer for music listening) and YouTube video in the same post.  You can check out my past posts HERE.
  • Link back your posts to mine and enter your post link in the linky. Duh. :)
  • I’m going to try and do occasional giveaways!

Ok! That’s all I can think of for now, but you can ask questions in the comments.

So I’ll leave you with a song, because it’s Thursday so you need a track.

Now an acoustic version that’s WOW.


And if you want to join TODAY.. (you can start next week though, it’s cool)

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Jess @ Gone with the Words

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    AH I love this! I have been kinda following it and am definitely excited to add this to my blog. Definitely love music, and love to share it. PERFECT way to do so!

    Also, this song is awesome. I have started to listen to Halsey recently and love this song.

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