Thursday Tracks: Yellow


Thursday Tracks: Yellow

This weekend is Valentine’s Day and to celebrate I’m sharing one of my favorite love songs ever. Of course, I’ve always interpreted Yellow to be a love song, but others have said they believe it’s about death. Ugh, ok creepers. In reality, Yellow is not about anything more than just inspiration striking at the right moment for Chris Martin and the other members of Coldplay (according to the Wiki page).

Whatever, Coldplay. I believe it’s a beautiful love song. Enjoy!

Fun fact: I also relate this song to the book Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins. Check out that post HERE. :)






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    I love Coldplay, and this is one of my favorite songs! I’ve always thought of it as a love song too. I can totally see it relating to Lola and the Boy Next Door now that you mention it! Thanks for sharing!

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