Top Ten Tuesday: 2016 Debuts Novels I’m Looking Forward To

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Top Ten Tuesday: 2016 Debuts Novels I'm Looking Forward To

Assassin’s Heart by Sarah Ahiers
After the Woods by Kim Savage
A Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro
The Love That Split the World by Emily Henry
The Serpent King by Jeff Zentner
These Vicious Masks by Tarun Shanker, Kelly Zekas
Sword and Verse by Kathy MacMillan
The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye
Into the Dim by Janet B. Taylor
Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton


Are any of these 2016 debuts ones you’re looking forward to as well?


Jess @ Gone with the Words

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    Anne @HeadFullofBooks

    The Crown’s Game must be highly anticipated. I’ve seen it on a lot of lists.

    I honestly don’t pay much attention to upcoming debut books or authors. I went off the board this week and hope I have provided a service at the same time for holiday shopping tips for book lovers. My Top Ten Tuesday list

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    I really need to check out a few of these, I’ve seen them on so many posts today! Especially Rebel of The Sands and A Study in Charlotte!

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    Sworn and Verse and Assassin’s heart are on my list.
    I also see a few good ones here that I might add them to my wish list.
    My TTT.
    PS: your site is too cute!

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    Lois @ My Midnight Musing

    Assassin’s Heart is one I’m really excited about. The combination of assassin families and the deception seems to be the makings of a great story. I’ve not heard of These Vicious Masks but after reading the synopsis and having it described as Jane Austen meeting the X Men I’m definitely going to be keeping my eye on it.

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    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

    Lovely choices!! I read A Study in Charlotte, and it was wonderful. I can’t wait to read Rebel, These Vicious Masks, The Serpent King, and Into the Dim.

    Also excited for Caraval, Please Don’t Tell, Ever the Hunted. The Marked Girl, Mirror in the Sky, and Thief of Lies.

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    Rebel of the Sands and Assassin’s Heart are what I’m excited for too, I hope we both enjoy them when they come out :-) I’ll have to check the others out so thank you for sharing them! :D

    Here’s my TTT @ Emma’s Bookery if you would like to check it out :-) Have a great day :-)

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    Amazing list! I have quite a few of them on my to-buy list, and can’t wait to pre-order them. Hopefully, the wait won’t seem too long :) I’m lucky enough to have a copy of Sword and Verse waiting to read, and I’m hoping to read it this week!

    I haven’t really heard anything about The Serpent King or After the Woods, but I’m definitely going to check them out on GR now :)

    Sophie @ Sophie Reads YA

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    I am so glad I didn’t do a TTT this topic because I would’ve had to edit it and add all the book you thought of that I forgot. Like… The Love that Split the World. That book…. I’m on my computer so I can’t do it but imagine the heart eyes emoji right here –>.

    I think I am the most excited for The Crown’s Game. I love the premise of it soooo much and will probably preorder it waaay too early. But it’s one of those books I have to own.

    Well TCG and Rebel of the Sands! That book is another I will be preordering a hardcover of! I am so glad the changed the US cover. I was willing to use Book Depository to get the UK cover but now we don’t have toooo! I can only hope the book is as good as the cover looks!

    Vicious Masks and After the Woods are two I also have my eye on! I was lucky to get ARCs of both and I will probably cheat on my reading schedule with TVM here soon. That cover and synopsis….

    Great TTT!

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