Top Ten Tuesday: Best Books We Read In 2015

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Top Ten Tuesday: Best Books We Read In 2015


If You Only Knew by Kristan Higgins – This book hit me right in the heart. I read it at a time in my life where I was struggling, and it spoke to me. Also, it’s Kristan Higgins. She makes my favorites list every year. :)

How to Kill a Rock Star by Tiffanie DeBartolo – DUDE! This book just killed me, it’s SO good. It was the most perfect Contemporary Romance. I just.. AH I LOVED IT.

I’ll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios – This is another book that I really connected with. I just felt like they were people I know, therefore it’s close to my heart.

The One That Got Away by Bethany Chase – Another amazing Contemporary Romance with so much depth. This one was fun and sexy and at times really moving.

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas – Whoa. The only non-contemporary on the list! I loved this one so much. It was sexy and intense and just SO GOOD.



Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli – SO delightful and funny, I was laughing on page 5! Simon was just the best and I wanted to be his friend and hang out with his friends. I loved watching Simon and Blue fall for each other while discovering who they were (literally and figuratively). And it was refreshing to read a diverse book that managed to be nuanced, important, and CUTE all at the same time!

Grounded: The Adventures of Rapunzel by Megan Morrison – Grounded is incredibly well written, funny, and exciting- Morrison’s Rapunzel reminded me of a mix of Rapunzel from Disney’s Tangled and Cress from The Lunar Chronicles, but with more attitude. I also adored the whimsically detailed worldbuilding and sense of history, the humor, and the complex characters. The world feels BIG but you never feel lost in it as a reader. I wanted to explore it all! And it’s absolutely filled with fairy tale magic.

Every Word by Ellie Marney – a truly excellent, tightly plotted, heart pounding sequel! It’s emotional, action-packed, super intense, and super hot. Plus a London setting! I continue to ship Mycroft and Rachel with the fire of a thousand suns. Wattscroft forevaaaa. I couldn’t put the book down, read it in a day!

The Deal by Elle Kennedy – I super loved this book!! It was hot and funny and had just the right amount of drama. I TOTALLY loved Graham (oh my god) and Hannah, they communicated like adults and had the most amazing chemistry! Plus it encompassed all of my favorite romantic tropes.

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller – Absolutely striking. The writing is exquisite and brought to life these magnificent doomed characters. Miller humanizes Achilles and makes him a compelling hero worth following, while she raises Patroclus to new heights. The relationship between Patroclus and Achilles is everything you could wish for in a tragic romance. The emotions are overwhelming and burrowed into my soul while the language is evocative and the action is fierce. Historical fiction fans must read this!!!

Also loved: The Start of Me and You, Uprooted, First & Then, Queen of Shadows, The Scorpio Races


Jess @ Gone with the Words

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    ‘The Start of You and Me’ was one of my All-time favorites of ever, but certainly 2015. Emery Lord is one talented author. :)

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    SDCB Steph

    I read If You Only Knew this year too. I would like to read The Song of Achilles. I will have to check to see if it ever officially made it to my TBR list.

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    Karina @ A Reader Under The Sea

    Oh I loved A Court Of Thorns and Roses!!!! It took me by surprise that it was just so steamy for a YA. But it’s Sarah J. Maas so it shouldn’t surprise me.

    Also I recently read The Deal!! I can’t wait to read the next book in the series!!

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    I feel like I’m missing out on something amazing for not having read The Song of Achilles yet. I REALLLLLLY want to, though!

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    Ohhh my goshhhh Song of Achilles DESTROYED ME. So beautifully written and one of the most scarring books I’ve ever read. I can’t even think about it without tearing up lolol. I haven’t been brave enough to go for a re-read yet.

    Uprooted is one of my 2015 favorites also & I just started reading The Start of Me and You this morning. :D I desperately need to read Ellie Marney’s books & I’ve heard so many great things about Elle Kennedy as well. I haven’t read QoS yet either! AHHH SO MANY BOOKS TO READ.

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      Morgan @ Gone with the Words

      GOSH YES. Everything that you said!! So lyrical and beautiful and yeah, totally scarring. AHH.

      Uprooted was such a surprise to me! Hope you liked TSOMAY! YES YES read them all!! So many books, so little time right?! Haha.

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    Lisa @ Lost in Literature

    I totally agree with ACoTaR!! I adored I’ll Meet You There and The Deal as well. <3 Honestly, a few of these I haven't heard of before, so I'll definitely need to check them out. Thanks for sharing! :)

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    Rachel Patrick

    I REALLY need to read Ellie Marney’s books because I’ve heard like nothing but fantastic things and I want to read a book that that’s good. I’m hoping I’LL MEET YOU THERE arrives for me from the library soon. I really want to read it!

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    Ellen B.

    I’ve been hearing such good things about Song of Achilles! Only I know how it ends — don’t we all — and *yikes* I’m kind of scared to dive in.

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    Simon and ACOTAR were on my lists last year! I’ll Meet You There was on my list this year! I am currently reading The Deal and I am in love!

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    Emily @ Ink, Inc.

    Grounded sounds great! I really love fairytale retellings. On that note I’d love to get my hands on ACOTAR. I read ToG and CoM this year so when I’ve finished that series (or the published ones anyway!) I’ll be getting onto Court!

    Emily @ Ink, Inc. // my TTT

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    I loved I’ll Meet You There so much! And you make me want to check out Kristan Higgins books, Jess.

    Morgan I am delighted to see Simon & The Song of Achilles on your list obviously since FAVORITES. I really need to read The Deal. I’m pretty sure I bought it when it was on sale and we tend to have similar taste in romances so I’m sure I’ll love it.

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