Top Ten Tuesday: Bookworm Delights

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Top Ten Tuesday: Bookworm Delights


Wandering through the bookstore: whether you’re looking for something specific or simply browsing the shelves, it’s a special kind of delight to wander through an awesome bookstore, discovering new books and running your hands over old favorites. And maybe making a purchase or two ;)

Receiving bookmail: most of my bookmail is in the form of preorders I’ve purchased for myself but once in awhile I’ll receive a coveted arc or a surprise from a friend. Any kind of bookmail is good bookmail!

When a book lives up to its amazing premise in every way possible: Bonus if it’s a book you feel like was written just for you! A “Morgan book” so to speak :)

Uninterrupted reading time: There is nothing better than a rainy day when you can stay cozy with blankets and a good book inside. I love reading by the pool or at the beach on a warm, sunny day too!

Talking about books with friends: it is SO much fun to be able to gush about books with other bookworms! I love talking with Twitter acquaintances when I see them reading a favorite, or getting recommendations from a friend, or mutually flailing about some awesome reading experience. There’s always something to talk about when you read a lot!



Reading at home on rainy days: There’s not better mood for reading than overcast and rainy days. Sorry/not sorry Summer/sunny day readers!! lol

Finding and acquiring foreign editions of books I love: A lot of times I find British and Australian editions of books I love that are STUNNING and I auto-buy them quicker than you can say, well, anything really. lol

When someone loves a book you recommend: There really isn’t a bigger high for any bookish person. NONE. If you end up loving a book someone rec’d you, TELL THEM. You’ll make their day/week/month/year. :)

Book mail: I don’t think book mail could ever get old. It’s such a great thing to come home to after a day full of BLAH work.

Seeing my long distance bookish friends: I mean, is there anything sweeter than being among MY PEOPLE?! No, there isn’t. (Sidenote: SEE Y’ALL AT BEA!! Will you be there??)



Jess @ Gone with the Words

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    Fellow rainy day reader here too! :-) I get too conscious thumbing through the pages with my sweaty palms, when it’s too hot. Haha!

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    Wandering through the bookstore is one of the things I love most, not sure why I didn’t include in my list, haha. First time here, your blog is gorgeous!

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    Wow your list is awesome! So many creative ones that I didn’t think of but are so true! To be honest I think I could make a list of 100 things I love about reading books :)

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    Jessica @ a GREAT read

    OOoh great list!! This was a harder post to do than I thought because there’s soooo many things! And then it’s kind of hard to put into words some of my bookish delights!!

    Hoping to meet up with you at BEA Jess!! I feel like I’ve been following you forever! Probably have been since I started my blogging path!! :D

    Here’s my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

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    Hannah @ Broc's Bookcase

    We had a lot of the same things on our lists this week (great minds think alike!) I also LOVE uninterrupted reading time, especially on rainy days when I can just cosey up with my book and I am not expected to leave the house at any point!
    Oooooo I love bookmail! It’s always so exciting to arrive home and see a book shaped parcel and approach it like ‘please have my name on it!!!!!

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    Ooh I love the pic of Kristin Cashore’s books – those editions are gorgeous!!

    These are great bookish lists, thanks for sharing!

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    Jessie H.

    Yes! OMG! Yes! To all of these! Someone liking the book you recommended is the best thing ever! So is uninterrupted reading time!

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    I pretty much nodded my head at every single one of these. Book mail def never gets old. Even on the crappiest day, seeing a bright yellow padded envelope at the door changes my entire mood! Also, amen to browsing bookstores! I’ve been going to some amazing used ones lately- nothing beats the smell of books!

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      Morgan @ Gone with the Words

      Never!!! I’m the same way, it always makes me smile :) That sounds like a lot of fun, I need to find some used bookstores near me! A new indie opened in town so that’s been fun to wander.

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    Lyn Kaye

    Wandering a bookstore is one of the best things, ever. I love it when you find that book you have had your eye on, or you discover a book that escaped through your radar. SO wonderful!

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