Top Ten Tuesday: Resolutions We Have For 2016

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Top Ten Tuesday: Resolutions We Have For 2016


1. Take acquiring books/ebooks/ARCs down a notch. – I finally reduced the number of books in my house in 2015 (most all unread) and now I just need to stop buying/requesting/receiving them and read what I have. Grant it, I acquired more ebooks/egalleys than physical books last year, which helped, but now I need to do that less too.

2. Get back out into the online bookish community. – I already hadn’t been commenting much on blogs, but twitter was where I kept up with everyone. Then the second half of 2015 I totally fell of the Twitterverse too! I need to get back to youuuuuuu, tweeps and bloggy friends. <3

3. Get on with losing weight. – I know I can do it. I can do it. I WILL DO IT! :)

4. Rid my house of junk, room by room. – I want to live a simple life, that’s all! I don’t want to have boxes of junk anymore.

5. Figure out a review style that works for me. – Believe it or not, I’ve been blogging for five years and I’ve yet to figure this out. Ugh. I hate it! I did some of it in 2015. Got rid of books and clothes, but now i need to delve further into the dark corners of my closets. lol


1. Read more from my own shelves. – This is always one of my resolutions! I have so many amazing books just waiting for me at home, books that I preordered, or bought on impulse, or got as gifts. It’s my own personal library heaven that I need to take advantage of!

2. Use the library – I love the library! There are a lot of branches around me and they are great at purchasing books I suggest in addition to having a really good selection. I need to save some money and shelf space and utilize the library more often this year.

3. Read more historical fiction. – Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres but I wasn’t always in the mood to sit down and concentrate on details or long books this year. I want to get lost in the past and catch up on a bunch of fantastic historical fiction (mostly adult) books I’ve been dying to read.

4. Write reviews in a timely manner. – I reviewed less in the latter half of the year because I was reading less, and I didn’t want to write a review just for the sake of writing a review. So I want to pick some interesting titles, actually read them, and actually review them on the blog! I’m hoping to write some this month.

5. Keep my house tidier. – This is a personal goal and mostly due to laziness. I would always rather snuggle on the couch with my dog Andy or watch WWE with Chris than fold laundry in the other room (so Andy won’t steal my socks haha). I’m also commuting to work now and have longer days, so I don’t want to do chores when I get home. And the dishes pile up and so does the junk mail, and and and. I want to focus on one main room/chore a day so it’s not so overwhelming to clean on the weekends.


1. Start reading the Harry Potter Series. – I have put this off for way too long. I always meant to read the series but I just kept procrastinating and now it’s just embarrassing.

2. Stop buying so many books I know I won’t read! – I’m going to try to only buy books if I’m actually going to read them sometime soon or the deal is so amazing and I can’t miss it. Sometimes I buy books I know I won’t read anytime soon and I really need to stop doing that, it’s bad for my bank account.

3. Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing or thinking of me and just focus on what makes me happy. – I tend to freak out about what everyone else is thinking about me or feeling like others are judging me and I need to stop and just focus on myself and what I’m doing.

4. Be more organized! – I need to be more organized with everything in my life: work, school, and blogging. I plan to be way more organized and on top of things this year, no more procrastinating and forgetting to write things down. This is definitely the resolution that’s most important to me this year.

 Get to know more people in the book community. – Like I said before I tend to freak out and get anxious about what others are thinking about me and that has stopped me from interacting with people in the book community as much as I want to. This year I’m going to try not to let that hold me back and reach out and interact with more people. Hopefully I’ll make some more awesome friends in this wonderful community :)



Jess @ Gone with the Words

47 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Resolutions We Have For 2016”

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    I’m curious to see what changes in your review style come about as a result of your resolution, Jess. That’s something I struggle with too.

    Best wishes to all three of you in your resolutions!

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    Chrissi Reads

    Good luck with your resolutions ladies! I had organisation as a resolution a few years back and it really did help! A resolution that I kept!!

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    Geraldine @ Corralling Books

    Good luck with your resolutions guys! Jess I totally get every one of your resolutions, especially no. 5 :)

    Morgan, I definitely need to keep reading from my own shelves, I’ve got so much to read there!! XD

    Tamara, your last goal is one of my biggest resolutions this year too!
    Great list guys! :)

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    Morgan: ‘read more from my own shelves’ is definitely a phrase I need to adopt! And Jess, after blogging for four years I am till refining my review style – sometimes I think it changes according to my mood! Tamara: good luck with your list, especially number 5, that’s a great one :-)
    My TTT

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    Katie @ ShelfishlyAddicted

    Great resolutions, ladies. I see a theme of tidiness here ;-)

    I agree about buying fewer books… I literally have about 80 books that sit unread on one of my bookshelves. It’s just SO tempting to buy that book that just came out, or to request a shiny new ARC! Self-control and mindfulness is what it’s all about. You’ve got this!

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    Hannah @ Broc's Bookcase

    Oooo these are good ones, I may try and do your list as well as my own! I definitely want to be more social int he bookish/blogging community, but sometimes it’s so hard to keep up with everything going on in the real world too. I am definitely going to try more this year though. I also want to be better on Instagram!
    Also, just like Jess I have big plans to declutter my house. I’m planning on a big spring clean of my wardrobe and donating a load of clothes to charity and for refugees.
    Good luck to all three of you with your resolutions. Happy new year! :)

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    Grace @ Rebel Mommy Book Blog

    Tamara – Your #3 is one of my personal resolutions/goals. I tend to get very caught up in this. Also on focusing what others do and have and comparing myself. Good luck to all of you on your resolutions!!

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    Emily Alfano

    “find a review style that works for me” is SO GOOD! i think you’re the first person to touch upon this in today’s TTT post and I couldn’t agree more! I am switching blog domains at the end of this month and I have really been thinking hard on how I want to proceed going forward with my reviews. Typically I’m a big “paragraph writer” in the sense that I don’t ever use lists or bullet points, but I’ve seen other bloggers who do this and it seems to work REALLY well! great resolutions! and goodluck to you!

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    I’m also cutting down on buying/requesting books. I recently got rid of a lot of books and I want to reduce that TBR pile.

    I also want to read more historical books. I did pretty good in 2015 :)

    Reading the HP books is a great resolution if you ask me ;)

    Happy reading!

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    Zeee @ I Heart Romance & YA

    It seems like a lot of bloggers are wanting to scale down and read more backlists this year! Or even not request as much ARCs as possible. Definitely great goals.

    One of my goals is to read less and review more. Hopefully, that will finally happen!

    Good luck with your resolutions this year, girls!

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    Lindsey @ Bring My Books

    Jess: Let’s go to the gym together and then head back to each other’s apartments and help clean out the clutter! We can support each other!

    Morgan: CAN WE PLEASE BUDDY READ A HIST FIC TITLE THIS YEAR because this was one of my resolutions as well!! I’m going to try to keep YA/Adult Fic at closer to 50/50 this year (and for me, adult fic basically equals hist fic, haha)

    Tamara: HARRY POTTER I LOVE HARRY POTTER! Once you start reading it (or even before, it doesn’t have to wait til then!) feel free to tweet at me, I love meeting new people and think we could find plenty to talk about <3

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    Stephanie @ Once Upon a Chapter

    I love all of these goals and the feeling of determination and inspiration a new year brings!

    A lot of these goals are goals that I have for myself as well. I want my 2016 to be simpler than previous years. I want to do what makes me happy and not what I thinks others think I should be doing.

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