Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I REALLY Want To Meet

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Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I REALLY Want To Meet

I’ve been lucky to have been able to meet so many of my favorite authors these last 5 years or so, but of course there’s still always new favorites that come along.

Authors I’ve Been Lucky To Meet


Authors I Really Want to Meet


Have you met any of these fantastic authors??



Jess @ Gone with the Words

16 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I REALLY Want To Meet”

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    I like your nifty graphics. I’ve read and enjoyed many of your authors, but they’re not on my list. I went with too many dead people!

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    You have met some great authors! I love the graphics in this post! I see that Sarah J. Maas is on a lot of list. I have to read more by her!

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    You’ve met Holly Black?! Awesome! I would love to meet her. The Curse Workers series is a favorite of mine.

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    Sarah J Maas and Suzanne Collins were on my list as well. You’re lucky that you’ve met so many authors. Love the graphics, they’re really cool!

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    Wow, you’ve met a lot of authors! :) I’ve only been to one author event; got to meet Wendy Higgins and Victoria Scott. They were both so sweet!
    I haven’t read a lot of the authors on your list yet, but I really want to. I’d love to meet John Green and Suzanne Collins; and twitter just makes all these authors seem incredibly amazing.

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