Top Ten Tuesday: Book Related Problems I Have

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Top Ten Tuesday: Book Related Problems I Have

1. Well the first problem I have is obvious and universal: MY TBR IS TOOOO GINORMOUS. There are just so many books to read and not enough time! It’s only gotten worse once I discovered blogging and twitter. There are shinies everywhere! I even have a shelf for 2016 already. Problem, thy name is Morgan.

2. I feel guilty about various things all the time. It’s in my nature unfortunately. And this translates to my TBR pile. Every time I stare at my books I’m elated and also filled with immense guilt that I have so many I haven’t read yet. (Does it stop me from buying more? Nope.)

3. Even though my shelves are covered in books and more arrive all the time, I can’t resist the siren call of the library. Sometimes the books there are just as shiny! I’ve also found some real gems perusing the shelves.

4. I also have a burning desire to hoard books like a dragon. I love my collection. I love looking at it on my shelves and just knowing the pretties are mine! I’m not as neurotic about it as I used to be; I even have *GASP* unfinished series missing book 1! I try to be more discerning about whether I’ll ACTUALLY read it again someday or if I want it just to have it.

5. I’m a snob when it comes to the condition of my books. I like the corners to be crisp, the covers and pages unbent. Used books, not really my thing. I don’t like blatant creases or rips (omg I would cry). BUT the paradoxical thing is even though I won’t buy them that way, I don’t mind if I crack the paperback spines, or dog ear the pages of my own books.

6. Rereading and I have a funny history. As a kid, I’d read my favorite books over and over again. I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve read Harry Potter; it’s basically all I read in college. Nowadays I feel too guilty to indulge most of the time because of, you guessed it, my TBR. The #ReRead2015 challenge has been amazing in letting me enjoy some rereads lately! It’s very relaxing. I watch the same movies over and over, why not do that with books?

7. A couple years ago I started preordering books like a madwoman. I liked supporting the authors, I liked the thrill of “buying” a book and not paying for it immediately, I love getting the best price for a book, and I love lists! It’s definitely a “problem”. I’m constantly browsing Amazon for upcoming titles so I can preorder them. I’m always checking on my orders. Something about it is so exciting to me!

But half the time I haven’t read the book even 6 months later. It sits on my shelf looking pretty and waiting patiently for its turn. That’s one reason I’m trying to focus on less preorders and more library use/birthday lists. Haha.

8. I have a tendency to read based on my mood. I want to think I can go with the flow but it doesn’t always work. Sometimes I can’t concentrate on elaborate worldbuilding so my fantasy pile grows even though it’s my favorite genre. Same with adult historical fiction- once I start I’m usually hooked but sometimes I just want a good fluffy read!

9. One of the problems I feel the worst about is how bad I am at reading books recommended to me! I love talking books and trading recs but I feel like most of my friends are quick to read what I suggest and I just add theirs to my list. It’s not a conscious decision! It’s mainly the fact that I have a huge pile of books I’ve been dying to read and need to work on.

10. Poor backlist, always pushed aside for the shiny and the new. I’m trying to be better at searching out older titles, both at the library and to purchase, because I’ve found a lot of amazing books that way! It’s always fun to champion the smaller, forgotten book too :)


Do we share any of the same book problems?
Any tips for me?
Let me know in the comments!



Morgan @ Gone with the Words

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    1. It’s SOOOOOOO hard when people talk about these books on twitter. I’ve actually found that being on twitter makes the obsession for more books worse. But, ahhhh the community. It is so beautiful.

    2. HAPPY ENDINGS!!!! #loveit

    5. I’m a total bitch when it comes to my books. People don’t fuckin’ touch my books. PERIOD.
    8. I forgot to put this on my list. Morgan, you have no idea. I have such trouble with NOT reading according to my mood. I need to read all those arcs first.

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      Morgan @ Gone with the Words

      Omg I know, it’s made my book obsession so much worse hahaha.

      I love Happy Endings :D Brad’s my fav.

      I haven’t requested too many arcs but I do have a little pile now and I really need to get reading! Eep!

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    Chrissi Reads

    Oh yes. I’m with you on so many of these problems. I am so precious about my books. The only person that I really trust with my books is my sister and that’s because she’s as precious about her books as I am mine! Space and too much book buying is also a problem for me. Great list!

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      Morgan @ Gone with the Words

      I used to make my sister take my books to school in plastic bags hahaha! So they wouldn’t get bent in her backpack. I’m not that bad anymore luckily hehe. Thank you and thanks for commenting! I know most of my “problems” are pretty standard but yeah book buying is a big one!

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    Debby (Snuggly Oranges)

    Oh man, I am so with you on needing the fluffy reads. I always thought fantasy was my favorite genre, and it might still be, but I need to be in the right state of mind to really focus on it. If I feel even the slightest bit stressed or tired IRL, I’ll usually pick up a fluffy book instead. (But for some reason so far this year, I’ve only read ONE contemporary book, and almost all the rest are fantasy, so idek.)

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      Morgan @ Gone with the Words

      I feel the exact same way Debby!! If I’m tired at all, it just won’t happen. I need fluff or something I’ve read before. And it sucks because I’ve been really tired/stressed lately, which means less fantasy books! Such a bummer.

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    Allie @ Little Birdie

    Haha I’m such a snob when it comes to the condition of my books too. If I buy a book, I can never buy it use. Which I know some people think is awful, BUT I NEED IT TO BE PERFECT WHEN I READ IT

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    Kayla Beck

    I used to do the same thing with the Amazon preorders a few years ago. I would order $250-300 worth of books every three months, and I finally had to make myself stop because I wasn’t reading them. NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM. I would read my review books and have time for nothing else. I’m slowly getting past that and making time for Kayla books.

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      Morgan @ Gone with the Words

      Oh wow haha!! That is a lot!! I’d say I preordered $500 worth in 2014 which felt like a lot but wasn’t too bad split over 12 months. BUT STILL. It’s the buildup. I think I’d read 1 out of 4 books, I need to make a dent in that pile!! Good, Kayla books are important :) I need to do that for Morgan books!

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    I also feel like I don’t get to read the books that others recommend to me. Obviously I want to read the books that I found interesting first, and when that list just goes on and on for all eternity, it’s hard…
    Haha, and the re-reading of HP I can definitely relate to. I feel like that was all I did in my childhood. Re-read Harry Potter and play with my Harry Potter Lego… It was a lifestyle.

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      Morgan @ Gone with the Words

      So much this, that’s the real problem. My own list is already so long that it’s challenging to fit others in, even if I trust the person’s opinion! Oh gosh all I read in high school and college besides school books was Harry Potter! Very few other new books lol. Total lifestyle :)

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    I am really bad about reading books recommended to me! Mostly because my stack is always huge and I don’t want to add to it. A small part might be because I don’t always trust what my friends think is “so good”…. ;)
    I wish I had more time to read some of the classics!

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      Morgan @ Gone with the Words

      Saaaame, my pile is always there taunting me!! And yeah there’s always the chance that I won’t like the book picked for me even if I do trust my friend. Ahh. I love classics and wish I read more of them outside of school! I haven’t read one in awhile.

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    Danielle @ Love at First Page

    I had fun reading this list! My poor TBR pile suffers too because I’m constantly picking new releases or ARCs to read instead. I’m trying to read at least one TBR book a month + my A Series A Month challenge, but it’s hard!

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      Morgan @ Gone with the Words

      Thank you!! I do the same :/ I don’t even have that many ARCs but they’re all for the next month or two so I need to read them. And I don’t know why but I’ve been reading so slowly lately! Finding it hard to pick up my pace. Good luck with your challenge, that sounds like a good goal!

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    I have gotten better about the guilt thing, but every now and then I have a freak out moment. And I love to keep my books in good condition. I only lend out to people I know can be trusted.

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      Morgan @ Gone with the Words

      I’ve been having a freak out moment for two months. I wish I could stop! I haven’t been reading as much lately which bums me out, need to get back on track! I’m the same way, I’ll only lend out to a few people :)

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    Love your list! The preorder button is kind of the devil. Thankfully I don’t have too many, but I definitely have some sitting on my kindle just begging for attention.

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    Alexa S.

    We definitely share a lot of bookish problems! Particularly #1. Because how can you resist the lure of a pretty new book or a fascinating new story? (Correct answer: It’s nearly impossible to do so.)

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    I love your post for today! These gifs are perfect. Oh yes, I can relate to many of your problems! I know what you mean about wanting to follow through with the recs given to you by friends. I’m getting a little better at that, but overall, it’s tough because there are so many books out there you want to read, and you just don’t have all the time to do it as fast as you want to! I’m thinking this is the year I’m really going to be using Wunderlist A LOT and building lists from my TBR to help me get through some of those books I just keep putting off. And of course I can relate to the book buying problem!! LOL.

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    Great list! I can relate to so many of these, especially with the HUGE TBR list. I read one and add ten more. So it never, ever stops. Argh.

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