Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Read Because Of Another Blogger (In honor of BBAW!)

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Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Read Because Of Another Blogger (In honor of BBAW!)

I don’t actually have a complete list of 10, but it is only because I am influenced every day by my fellow book lovers and bloggers. These are just a few that very specifically stood out in my (unreliable) memory:

  • City of Bones by Cassandra Clare – This one was actually recommended to me by one of my IRL best friends: Lety. (Find her on Goodreads and Twitter)…I distinctly remember telling her that I couldn’t get into it at around the second chapter and her telling me it gets better…better didn’t even begin to describe it, lol.
  • The Body Finder by Kimberly DertingCari’s Book Blogs – Duh, lol If you’ve ever been on twitter, you have at some point seen Cari pushing and praising this series. And with good reason! Because it is REALLY good!!
  • Going Too Far AND Forget You by Jennifer Echols – I’ll give you one guess. 3…2… If you guessed Ginger of GReads!, then you would be correct! Ginger is always very passionate and giving with the books she LOVES, and when she found out I had these on my shelf, she urged me to read them….NOW! lol I’m so happy I listened.

Along with the ladies mentioned above, other book bloggers influence me daily, and because I didn’t do a BBAW Community post yesterday telling you about them, I’m going to name of few of them now:

  • Jacinda of The Reading Housewives of Indiana – I love how we connected so much over Sarah Dessen Week…and I also love that you love the Black Dagger Brotherhood as much as me. :)
  • Yani of The Secret Life of an Avid Reader – We like a lot, if not most, of the same books…but we also enjoy TONS of the same shows! Especially when they’re on ABC Family, LOL
  • Cynthia of A Blog About Nothing
    and Lena of Addicted to Novels – Our love for Stephanie Perkins and Sarah Dessen may implode the planet. Haha
  • Logan E. Turner – Outlander love!! :)
  • Ash of Smash Attack Reads! – We share a love for anything Kenyon, Frost, and Ward. You with Vlad, me with that rascal, Ian, hehe! And Acheron is like my Everest…I will get to the peak one day!! LOL
  • Isa of Book Soulmates – We can gush (and push) about Lords of the Underworld (by Gena Showalter) all. day. long. lol Just ask Neri of In the Name of Books! hehe
  • Bree of Romance Around the Corner – I don’t know if there are another two people who love Susan Mallery as much as us two. Well maybe Sarah of The Brazen Bookworm. :)



Jess @ Gone with the Words

26 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Read Because Of Another Blogger (In honor of BBAW!)”

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    Jan von Harz

    So many great books I have enjoyed in the past two years are because of the wonderful reviews about them on other blogs. This is one of many things I love about our community.

    PS I finished The Boy Next Door the day I got it in the mail and loved it, so thanks again for the giveaway that placed it in my hands 

  2. Avatar

    Brie Clementine

    Susan Mallery Rocks! We should form a fan club,
    but that would be unfair to all of the other authors I’m obsessed with…  BTW I requested Only His and I’m still waiting
    (it’s been a week!!! :-0) I’m starting to panic!  Thank you very much Jess, you made my day!

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    Jess you are awesome and I love how your blog has grown!!!  Thanks for featuring me and I’m sure I’ll be encouraging everyone to read The Pledge ;)

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    It’s thanks to other bloggers that I’ve been able to expand my reading outside of my comfort zone.  There are several books on my shelves that I wouldn’t have picked up had it not been for other bloggers and readers. :) 

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    Lena Beana

    STEPHANIE PERKINS AND SARAH DESSEN!!!  *cheers*  I’m so glad we met this year and connected through our love of cheesy chick-lit, lol.   :D 

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    Isalys Book Soulmates

    Aw shucks, thanks for the shout-out and yes, we definitely can gush & push Lords of the Underworld alllllll day :D Love it!!   Can’t wait to finally get my hands on Stridey and then we’ll have even MORE gushing to do ~ yay!!

    You also included some very cool ladies on here.  I ? all our Twitter & bloggy pals =)

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    jen @ the bookienook

    Great list! I haven’t read a lot of these books. I actually have City of Bones on loan from the library, read the first chapter and couldn’t get into it. So I put it on hold til next week. I am excited to read it now, seeing that you had the same problem with it!

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