Top Ten Tuesday: New-To-Me Authors I Read In 2013

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Top Ten Tuesday: New-To-Me Authors I Read In 2013

I love this week’s topic! Especially because this year I did pick up a few authors who were new to me! Let us begin…

1. Ruthie Knox – My friend Ginger of GReads! has been telling me read her books all year long. But it wasn’t until her serialized novel Truly that I finally caved. Oh Em Gee. That book was SO GOOD!! I promptly decided Ginger was right and I’d been missing out.

2. Jojo Moyes – All year long I’d heard praises for Me Before You and so I finally gave in and read and DAMN! That book was great. One of my favorites of the year…

3. Leila Sales – I mean, have you read This Song Will Save Your Life?! I hear her previous books are also really good!

4. Diana Peterfreund – She’s written about Killer Unicorns and Secret Society Girls, but I haven’t read those. I read For Darkness Shows the Stars this year and LOVED it!

5. Shannon Hale – If there’s one book/movie combo I honestly immensely enjoyed this year, it was Austenland. You guys MUST get on that! SO fun!

6. Bella Andre – I totally binged on a few of her books this summer and it was delicious! :D

7. Robyn Carr – No, I didn’t jump into her Virgin River series, but her new one, Thunder Point, was enjoyable!

8. Sarah Addison Allen – Y’ALL. If all her books are as wonderfully written as The Girl Who Chased the Moon then I’m totally in! :D

9. Philippa Gregory – Yo! Her historicals are no. joke! Definitely enthralling and heartwrenching.

10. Nicholas Sparks – LOL I know, I know. I am a fan of the movies from his books, but I hadn’t felt inclined to read any of them until Safe Haven for some reason (Lie. It had to do with Josh Duhamel being the lead.). I liked it! I may read more.



Jess @ Gone with the Words

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    Philippa Gregory – I have a bunch of her books and I need to read her stuff!
    Nicholas Sparks? I’m glad you liked him. I am not a fan of him. They make me cry uncontrollably sometimes and I’m just not cool with that.

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    Ahh I can’t believe you haven’t read any Shannon Hale before! I grew up with her books and only recently discovered she has the Austenland series which I can not wait to read!! Sarah Addison Allen is always such a fun read, I’ve enjoyed every book I’ve come across so far. And I’ve been slacking over the past few years on the Philippa Gregory front, but her books are seriously awesome (And big. Always worth it but not very convenient for train reading!)

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    Rachel Patrick

    Sigh, the only one I’ve read is Nicholas Sparks, haha. But Leila Sales! I’ve heard of her and that THIS SONG WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE is very, very good.

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    Yay for fantastic unknown authors…I’ll be adding a couple to my list. But I agree with Diana Peterfreund (you must read the Secret Society Girl books, they’re awesome) and Shannon Hale and Bella Andre. I love Leila Sales, as well. Need to add Sarah Addison Allen, my friends Carrie & Ang love her, too.

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    OMG I love it that you have Nicholas Sparks on your list. I haven’t read him in years, but I have to be honest when I say I sorta LOVE Message in a Bottle. Seriously. It’s a favorite. ;)
    Glad you have JoJo Moyes on your list. Me Before You is one of my favorites this year! And did you see Austenland? I love that film. I have to read the book!

    My TTT
    Happy Tuesday!!

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    Sharon @ The Book Barbies

    Bahaha! Josh Duhamel is totally a legitimate reason. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. ♥

    I came so close to including Leila Sales on my list, too. This Song Will Save Your Life was so fantastic!

    I really need to read something by Ruthie Knox! Aside from the fact that her books sound so promising, Racquel is probably going to have my head if I don’t read one soon.

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    Safe Haven is one of my MOST FAVOURITE books, and one of those that I had wish I had never read so I got to experience it for the first time all over again! It makes me so happy to hear when people have read and liked this one!
    I have never heard of Ruthie Knox before but Truly looks really good. Will be adding that one to my TBR list!
    I have heard amazing things about Leila Sales and have been meaning to read This Song Will Save Your Life for a while, but still haven’t quite gotten round to it. A Christmas read me thinks!
    Great list, thanks for sharing! :)

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