Top Ten Tuesday: Reasons Why I Love Book Blogging

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Top Ten Tuesday: Reasons Why I Love Book Blogging

Since this week is a REWIND pick, and I’ve felt down about blogging lately, I decided to pick this topic from June 2011 to help me remember why I love blogging. Maybe it’ll help some of you as well! :)

1. Welcoming Community

The Book Blogging community has ALWAYS made me feel welcome. They’ve always embraced my blog and my thoughts on things. You guys make it feel like home and I love y’all for it.

2. Friendships

I have made several friendships through Book Blogging and I feel so fortunate. Some of these friendships are completely special to me and I feel down right lucky that I get to hang out with these girls and talk and have fun together. You guys know who you are. ;)

3. Travel

Since I started Book Blogging, I’ve traveled and still plan to travel more in the future. It’s all been for book events and book conferences, so it’s awesome because there will always be people there that have shown up for the same reasons as me: love of reading.

4. Book Recommendations

There’s NO BETTER place to get book recs than from fellow Book Bloggers. They’ll tell me if books have the important things in them…like kissing. And hot guys.

5. Broadened Reading Horizons

Ok, so I haven’t exactly jumped far from what I like, which is anything with kissing in it, but did pick up some Fantasy, Chic Lit, and General Fiction! Soon, maybe even a few Classics. Point is, I’ve opened up to these possibilities because of Book Bloggers.

6. Book Industry Insights

I don’t dwell into this a lot, but there’s NO DOUBT I know a lot more of how some things work in the book industry since I started blogging. The things I do know, I loved having the opportunity of learning them because of Book Blogging.

7. Advance Readers Copies

Not to sound like a douche, but this is probably the privilege of Book Blogging that makes me happy dance. It never gets old getting these babies in the mail or at conferences. LET ME STRESS THOUGH! It’s a privilege, and people should not feel like they are owed any ARCs just because they have a Book Blog. This privilege comes after you’ve worked hard! Also, content matters!

8. Book Chats

OMG…the amount of book chats I’ve had on twitter, on gchat, on this blog, just make my heart happy. I LOVE IT. Probably my most favorite part of Book Blogging. ESPECIALLY when you finish a book and have the same reaction my husband Bradley Cooper is having. Those time are crucial book chat times.

9. Bookish Tweeps

There are no better Twitter people than Bookish Twitter people! You guys never get old and are better than celebrities. :)

10. Me, Forever

This blog will never go away. I may not blog forever, but the content here will always remain. It’s like leaving my own footprint on this planet. I want my children, grandchildren, great-grandchild and any other future generations to know me through my words.


Jess @ Gone with the Words

44 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Reasons Why I Love Book Blogging”

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    Julie Chicklitasaurus

    Love all of your ideas here and I love book blogging for all the same reasons. But I think I need to join in on some twitter chats! They sound like fun! Xo

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    Aww the last one! So true, and extremely poetic. I love this list. I just started blogging a few months ago, and the community is right at the top of my list. Everyone is just plain awesome sauce

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    fishgirl182 @ read now sleep later

    these are all very good points. i have met a few really good friends from blogging. and i love book blogger recommendations. a lot of my friends don’t read very much so i rely on bloggers to keep me in the loop about what books are coming out. i hope this made you feel a little more inspired about blogging. :)

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    Such a great TTT!!! Also, proud to know a fellow blogger that loves kissing the way I do. hahaha Seriously though– you are right on all those points. The book blogging community is so much fun to be a part of. I haven’t been doing this very long, but already I can see how many good things come of it! Great post!! :)

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    Aw, you’ve got some really fantastic reasons why you love book blogging. Some are exactly the reasons why I love book blogging too!

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    Ginger @ GReads!

    Oh Jess, #10 just made me teary eyed. You are so so right. I often wonder what my words will mean years from now. I always hope they’ll impact a reader now, but the beauty of this community is that it has the potential to impact many others.. later down the road, too. Also, LOVE YOU! I am so very thankful this whole book blogging thing brought you into my world. It’s definitely become a lot brighter!

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    Asheley Tart (@BookwormAsheley)

    I LOVE THIS LIKE I LOVE CHEESE AND CHOCOLATE. Also, I am so happy you are my friend! For all the reasons (throws arms out in big circles).


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      Jess @ Gone with the Words

      YOU, my friend, are one of my favorite people EVER! One day we will meet and fangirl and wear our Batman attire and listen to The Avett Brothers and Band of Horses and, of course, to Librarian by My Morning Jacket. It will be AMAAAAAZING.


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    Ula @ Blog of Erised

    Great topic and great points, I agree on all of them! Book blogging is awesome and it made me super happy! :D

    My TTT

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    Jenni Elyse (@jenni_elyse)

    Fantastic list. I agree with everything on your list! It’s always good to remember why we chose to start blogging in the first place. I think we sometimes get too caught up in the drama surrounding book blogging that it makes it no longer fun. But, if we can remember the reasons we started, like the ones you’ve listed, then it’ll help us want to blog.

    My TTT Post

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    Tanya Patrice

    Love this list – and love the book blogging community too. It’s very welcoming and has the friendliest set of bloggers I’ve come across.

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    What a great topic!! Yes, yes, yes. To all of the above. The book blogging community is amazing, as are the people, as are the authors, and the book and the publishers and I could go on forever!
    So glad to see your passion for blogging shine! :)

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    Alexa Loves Books (@alexalovesbooks)

    I love this post! You chose a great topic for TTT this week. Even though you intended for it to remind you why YOU love blogging, it certainly helped remind me too – and I LOVE THAT. These are all reasons that I do enjoy book blogging too :)

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    Aww, I love your list. :) So many of these are true for me, too. Book blogging opens us up to so many great people, books, and experiences. Cheers!

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    Lauren @ Love is not a triangle

    I love you and I love this topic! SO TRUE. I’m a recent-ish blogger and the community has been so welcoming. Who knew that I would find a group of people who read as much as I do, like to talk about books as much as I do and understand me. Sharing my thoughts about what I read is also something that I find to be a challenge at times, but personally rewarding. Thanks for this! xo

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    That last one is so wonderful. What a great attitude to have. I never really thought about it that way, but you’re right! Maybe your grandkids will set out to try and read all the books you read. And then they can blog about it! :)

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    JESS. I love so much that you chose this topic – I may need to do it for the next TTT rewind when I’m doing this meme again. Your reasons are all so awesome, and I love how genuine your list was.

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    I feel the same way too about why I love book blogging. Especially getting to meet new people who love reading the way I do.

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    So many great reasons to love blogging! I think the community is my favourite thing. And don’t feel like a douche for mentioning the review copies … it’s definitely a great perk! And really, it’s nice to be considered for them after putting in so much effort on content.

    Great post!

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    Oh my god, I utterly adore that scene from Silver Linings Playbook! I can’t even describe how much I relate to it. I need to find the whole clip and send it to my old English teacher who I always fight with about sad stories.

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