Top Ten Tuesday: Things I Dislike When It Comes To Romances In Books

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Top Ten Tuesday: Things I Dislike When It Comes To Romances In Books

Romance novels are my addiction. I gobble them up as quickly as I can get my hands on them, and am always more than willing to add a new book boyfriend to my ever-growing list. But there are some recurring themes that tend to come up that drive me bonkers!!! Let me know if any of these strike a chord with you too! Let’s begin…


Love Triangles

Can we please STAHP IT with the love triangles!? I understand that it makes for an interesting story, pitting a woman in between two men, and letting them duke it out for her love. Let it be known that I will always root for the underdog, the obvious non-winner of the two men. Every. Time. Underdogs deserve love too dammit! Maybe it makes it easier to write a romance novel when you have such a big theme to flesh out. I know love triangles have been around in novels and movies since like the beginning of time… but seriously, enough already!!


Repetitive Book Titles

Must we use the SAME words in every romance book title?! I mean, there are like over 100,000 words in the dictionary and yet we see the same words in every other book title: desire, kiss, dark, night, vampire, shadow, lord, fire, dead, city. I’m going to title my very first book: City of Shadow: Dark Lord’s Dead Kiss. It should definitely make the best seller’s list, amirite?


180-Degree Female Protagonists

So she had a bad childhood and is squeamish around men, or she is timid and shy and alluvasudden she meets this guy and BOOM she’s oozing with self-confidence. Not because she learned to love herself on her own, but all because of this really gorgeous, swoon-worthy fella dripping with sex appeal. I know that sometimes you need a little nudge from someone to get you to open your eyes to your own strengths and overall awesomeness, but… I dislike the idea of their confidence being ONLY because of the guy they JUST met. Meh.


Boy Saves Girl

Yes, we all love it when Prince Charming shows up to save the day, but must it always be the guy saving the girl?? I mean all girls can’t be that defenseless. Maybe she was doing JUST FINE up until the hero showed up and she was about to kick some villain butt until she was so rudely interrupted. Okay, so maybeeee it’s really swooneriffic to get saved by a hot guy. But I don’t think we see enough of the girl coming to the guy’s defense. Let’s get some more of that!! Who’s with me?!


Awkward Pose Covers

My favorite part of going to the book store is taking a stroll down the romance aisle and amusing myself with the latest book covers. It is an unwritten rule that in any one romance series you must have 2:5 ratio of awkward poses on your book covers. It is known. Also, lots of naked drool-worthy male torso, but I’m not complaining about that. 


Cheesy “Sexy Part” Names

I love great sexy time scenes as much as the next girl, but some of the lady/man bits descriptions make me giggle and snort simultaneously. I’ll try and keep this PG-13, but words like: velvet, steel, silky, rod, lance, lamp post, canal… you get the drift. So is sexy time happening or are we making curtains and re-decorating my living room?? Let’s not even get into terrible/awkward sex scenes in general. I hear there are a great very many in Fifty Shades of Grey, one in particular involving a tampon (disclaimer: I have not read the book). *shudders*


Love At First Sight

This is a too common cliché in romance for me not to mention it. My favorite is the scenario where they knew each other like years ago, childhood friends or he was her best friend’s brother, etc. etc. And of course the guy never paid attention to her. But now, they meet at a party and have one dance and three chapters later they are planning their wedding and their life together, and have a baby on the way. So you both knew within ten minutes of seeing each other again that you were in love and were meant for each other?! Um… okay… sounds totally legit.


Those Awful Cover Blurbs

So besides the book cover art, the other way that publishers try to get your attention are those one-liners on the front of the covers. Some of them are actually quite good, but yet others… well, see for yourself:

Fighting is what he’s good at. Now he fights for love.” – *major eye roll* cue Pat Benatar’s ‘Love Is a Battlefield’

The heart wants what it wants, and sometimes it wants something bad.” – I can relate heart, I love junk food too.

And this time the bed is just right…” – It must be a Tempur-Pedic. I heard those are fabulous.

Feel the heat…” – *lifts eyebrow* Well… if you insist…


Male Hotness Factor

Okay so this isn’t something I dislike about romance novels, but I thought I’d throw the male population a bone here. The female love interest in a book can be plain Jane, petite, curvy, lanky, voluptuous, drop dead gorgeous, or just average… this varies and it’s probably because let’s face it, most romance authors are female. They want the reader to identify with the female protagonist in some way. But the men, oh boy, the men are ALWAYS superbly built, muscular, tall, handsome, sexy, tan, incredible lovers and impossibly perfect (at least physically). I’m sure it is damn near impossible for most average men to live up to these standards. Its fiction right so who cares! I agree, but I’ve heard my guy friends complain about this and their opinions count too…. well, sometimes. Heh.


The Misunderstanding

So after boy meets girl and their relationship starts making some progress and I notice that I am only at 50% of the book, this means that there is some “plot twist” coming up within the next few chapters. Low and behold! There is a huge misunderstanding that occurs, either the boy decides that she is better off without him… or feels that she doesn’t love him… and he takes off. But of course it’s all a big miscommunication because OF COURSE she loves him, I mean he’s got abs of steel after all. *snort* OR She walks in on him and another girl… but it’s all a huge misunderstanding you see, he was just showing the girl a painting he wanted to sell, or giving the girl a tour of the house because he wants to sell it and surprise her with a bigger/better house. If only she JUST WAITED around for an explanation instead of falling into her own insecurities and running away. But don’t worry… this will all get resolved by the end of the book and they both live happily ever after. *grin*


Does any of this sound familiar? If so… let me know in the comments!


Lety @ Gone with the Words

34 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Things I Dislike When It Comes To Romances In Books”

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    great list Lety! Some of these I didn’t even think about, like the repetitive title names or even sexy parts names, which is totally true! Loved reading these :)

    Here’s my Top Ten Tuesday
    Courtney @ Storybook Slayers

    • Avatar

      Lety @ Gone with the Words

      Thanks so much!! I had a lot of fun with this one LOL Glad you enjoyed! Thanks for stopping by! :D

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    Alexa @ Words Off the Page

    Amen to all of this. Most of the reason I don’t go near YA or NA novels with overwhelming romance is because almost every time, one of these pops up and suddenly my attention goes from 100-0 real quick. It’s not that I don’t like romance, it’s just that so many of them aren’t fleshed out or they’re so cliched that it’s just eye roll inducing >.<

    • Avatar

      Lety @ Gone with the Words

      LOL Real quick!!! I totally agree, I love romance novels but sometimes I get stuck in a major eye roll loop and there’s usually no recovering from that!! lol Thanks for visiting!! :D

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    Bahahaha, I actually love your GIF’s even more than your list. So hilarious. And you made me laugh out loud with the cheesy sex part names. I completely agree. I mean, we are all adults here, right? What is wrong with saying penis?

    • Avatar

      Lety @ Gone with the Words

      LOL Thanks so much! I love scouring the internets for good GIFs lol Glad you liked them! Thanks for visiting! :D

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      Lety @ Gone with the Words

      I know!!! And even with that cheesy tag line I still read the book HAHAHA I just seriously CANNOT with some of those taglines, it’s like… WHO WROTE THESE?!?! lol thanks for stopping by!! :D

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    Quinn's Book Nook

    Oh yeah, love triangles. Those are terrible. And big misunderstandings. I hate when the whole time I’m thinking “if you guys would just talk to each other, none of this crazy crap would be happening.” Besides it usually feels unnatural and not realistic.

    • Avatar

      Lety @ Gone with the Words

      Yes! It’s like ummmm communication you guys! What are you doing!? It’s frustrating. Also, I feel that we ALWAYS talk about how we are all over love triangles and yet they keep writing them!! I was really excited about Julie Kagawa’s Talon and then I got to the “love triangle” part and I was like… nooooo *eye roll*…. *side eye* …. *facepalm* lol Thanks for visiting! :D

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    Alexandra Florence

    Brilliant list! You made me laugh out loud quite a few times! I know exactly where you’re coming from with all of these, although some of them I didn’t even think about! I hate when the characters don’t communicate and they end up breaking up – just TALK to each other!! :)

    • Avatar

      Lety @ Gone with the Words

      Glad you enjoyed it!! Seriously most issues would easily be resolved by just communicating!! It can’t be that difficult right?! LOL Thanks for stopping by!! :D Looks like we both did all dislikes haha yay!

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    Oh, I am with you 100% on the awkward names for body parts. I work as a translator and have translated several romance novels (it’s what you start with, traditionally, at least here), and finding good descriptions for sex scenes is HARD. Both in English and in Slovenian. But my pet peeve is everything that has to do with “plundering, invading, breaching” and similar expressions because they sound really violent, no matter how excited the heroine is.
    And YES on the misunderstanding part :D Why can’t they just TALK to each other? So much unnecessary angst.

    • Avatar

      Lety @ Gone with the Words

      Oh wow! I can’t even imagine trying to translate some of these super ridiculous and long-winded sex scenes! :O I think authors seem to over-think them and are definitely overkill half the time! The misunderstandings get me ALL the time, but some of these predicaments they end up in are like…. SRSLY?! I read one recently where the girl goes over to visit the guy and he has a chick in his apartment in just a towel. The explanation was that there was a storm outside and she was soaked and was locked out of her apartment, wanted to dry her clothes in his dryer while she waited for a locksmith. REALLY?! Couldn’t he like let her borrow a shirt and some sweatpants or something. Sheesh! Even I would’ve been like WTF?! LOL

      Thanks for visiting!! :D

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    I am so fucking tired of love at first sight. He see’s her. He positions himself. ” I MUST BANG HER.” Then he gets in her face. Then we see a bunch of forced kisses and forced seduction. That is how the misogynistic hero starts. Oh yes.

    How about some ugly dudes in ROMANCE? That would be cool. Show us the scarred dudes. I’m up for this.

    • Avatar

      Lety @ Gone with the Words

      YES!! Why is misogyny even a thing in romance?! I mean if these scenarios really happened in real life the girl would probably press charges. LOL I would be totally okay with an average-looking guy as the love interest, I mean guys can be attractive without being all ripped and muscular. Scarred dudes, now there’s something! LOL Thanks for stopping by :D

  8. Avatar

    Danielle @ Love at First Page

    This post is everything! I am laughing so hard. Love the gifs! But yes, I agree 100%. I hate love triangles, more than anything. But misunderstanding drive me nuts too, if only characters would actually COMMUNICATE. And why do romance books have such awful covers???

    • Avatar

      Lety @ Gone with the Words

      LOL I’m glad you approve of the shenanigans that is my TTT post today haha half the time I was thinking I was being overly cynical!

      Sadly, I do not think that love triangles will ever really go away… if someone recommends a book to me with a love triangle they must have tons of great things to say about it for me to read it. And when I read a book and find out there’s a love triangle, I srsly consider throwing it across the room (but I won’t lol).

      I always wonder who actually comes up with some of these romance covers. Half the time their faces are cut off and it’s just a big, tan, muscle-y torso LOL I mean they are just screaming to be objectified!! I get a kick out of them though and some really are drool-worthy. HAHA Thanks for reading my shenanigans!! :D

  9. Avatar


    Oh, SO agree with these and see them all the time. Totally with you on love triangles (why, just why, whywhywhy), and I feel 180-girls + boy-saves-girl go hand-in-hand in multiple instances. I hadn’t thought of the blurb bit! YES those are so cheesy. And the New Adult covers make me cringe — a world of awkward poses.
    Also, your book title? Totally a bestseller.

    • Avatar

      Lety @ Gone with the Words

      HAHAHA Well I’m glad at least I’ll have one interested buyer!! I don’t think we’ll ever get away from love triangles in books… but I try to stay away from them (JUST NO!). There needs to be a TTT Worst Romance Book Covers Of All Time. I already have a few entries LOL Thanks for visiting!! :D

    • Avatar

      Lety @ Gone with the Words

      This comment made my day!!! LOL Thanks so much, I had the SNARK turned up at full capacity. hahaha Thanks for visiting!! :D

    • Avatar

      Lety @ Gone with the Words

      It’s hard to find really great romance novels these days. I’ll still keep reading the mediocre ones but with all kinds of snorts and giggles. LOL Thanks for stopping by!

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    Alexa S.

    Oh, a lot of these definitely sound familiar! What really sticks out to me is the “misunderstanding” item; I actually tweeted about it while I was reading a while back. Most of the time, it’s cool because I expect it. But when I really analyze things? Yeah, it makes me laugh how it’s a very common plot twist :)

  11. Avatar

    Lyn Kaye

    I so HATE having to listen to how HOT the male interest is OVER and OVER and OVER. Gag gag gag. Marble god-like good looks. Just so OVER it.

      • Avatar

        Lety @ Gone with the Words

        Yes! I mean, there are hot guys in real life… but let’s be honest the Chris Hemsworth of the world would so not be into me LOL

          • Avatar


            Haha. Someone hot will notice you, Lety! Don’t worry!
            If not…there are many people turning eighteen every day. (How I Met Your Mother reference. MUWAHA.)

  12. Avatar


    Oh my gosh. This list. It’s what I need. Lety! Thank you so much for writing this list.
    I agree with pretty much everything. I don’t particularly love romance in books. I complain about it all the time in my reviews. Oh my gosh. You preach it, girl!

    • Avatar

      Lety @ Gone with the Words

      Hahaha I am so glad you agree and enjoyed it!! I had so much fun writing it, reading your comment made my day!! Thanks for visiting. You rock!

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