Top Ten Tuesday: Things That Make My Life As A Reader/Book Blogger Easier

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Top Ten Tuesday: Things That Make My Life As A Reader/Book Blogger Easier


Well, most importantly, I’d like to send a shout-out to my mother for giving birth to me. Being alive is a really important thing to being a reader/blogger. Word to your motha. Now let’s see this list…

1. Bookshelves – How else would I keep my hoarding of books seemingly organized? Thanks, shelves!!


2. Goodreads – And also, once organized on my shelves, having them all listed on Goodreads is a great way to sort through and keep tabs of what’s all in there. Thanks, Goodreads!

3. Quiet house – I get a lot of quiet time at my house, since the fiancé works on Saturdays and the kiddo spends some weekends with her dad and his family, and so it makes it easier for me to spend some time reading undisturbed. Thanks, family? lol I do like having them around when they’re here too, I promise!

4. Good coffee – There are morning when all that makes them great is my book and my coffee. Thanks, coffee!

5. Google Drive – This is where I write and store all my reviews. It’s like using MS Office, but an online version. And actually, MS now has this too which is cool. I use Google Docs to write my reviews rather than on actual WP because when I’m writing my reviews, I don’t want to be distracted by other features on the page or worry about formatting, which I don’t do anymore because of…

6. Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin – I purchased this plugin from Creative Whim and I find it so helpful and easy to use. Check out the plugin’s page to see what all it does!

7. Twitter – Anytime I want to find something out quick, I turn to twitter. All my tweeps are the smartest people around and they never steer me wrong. :) From book recs, to allowing me to fangirl over books sometimes…I LOVE YOU, GUYS!

8. Book Blogging Community – As a reader, there’s no better place for me to turn to for book recommendations. Each of you are seriously amazing at spreading the love of books and I’m happy to be part of that.

9. & Music – If you have yet to check out, you need to! It really helps me focus on what I’m writing. And it’s really strange, because I used to never be able to write posts to music; I found it too distracting, but with coffitivity along with music, it really helps me focus.


10. My BFF & reviewer, LetyAsking Lety if she’d contribute reviews on my blog was my favorite blogging decision of the year. Have you read her reviews yet?! They’re really fun. :) Check them out!



Jess @ Gone with the Words

16 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Things That Make My Life As A Reader/Book Blogger Easier”

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    Tirta @ I Prefer Reading

    Looove that picture of your bookshelves! I really want a big bookshelves like that so all of my books will fit into one; not like now, most of them are scattered in many places. And a quiet house or a quiet situation is crucial when reading/writing a review, I agree! :)

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    Ginger @ GReads!

    Bookshelves, Goodreads, Twitter, & Music would all make my list, too. The blogging community as well, because how else would I have found you Jess??! ;)

    Word to your motha.

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    Asheley Tart (@BookwormAsheley)

    HOORAY FOR THE COFFEE! And music – I mentioned that on my list and my favorite music to write/read to. I wish I had a quiet house but alas, that is why I listen to the particular music that I listen to. Fun list, lovely bookshelves. Word to your motha.

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    woohoo!!! Thanks for the mention friend, I’m so very glad to be a part of your book world!!!

    P.S. I definitely have book shelf envy! You’ve got quite a mini-library going :D

    Lety OUT!

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    Candice @ The Grown-Up YA

    So many great resources! I love Google Docs, but haven’t used it much for storing reviews and such. I use it more for forms and spreadsheets – my two newest loves! I’ll have to check out; that sounds like a great site!

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    Sandy @ Tea Between Books

    I haaaate that I have only one shelf! My books look as though I’m building lego towers from them! And I really do need a coffee/ tea when reading. Helps me concentrate on a book and the caffeine helps me last longer ofc.

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    Whoa, I’ve never heard of that Ultimate Book Blogger plugin. I’m definitely going to have to look into that!

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    Never underestimate the importance of a quiet house!! I have had such a hard time posting this summer because my desk is in the family room with the TV- kids watching the darn thing all day makes keeping a straight thought impossible. But school starts again here in 2 weeks- so I will make due-great list!!

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    word to all the mothas!
    ahhh a quiet house is key… unfortunately that doesn’t happen around here very much, which is why i end up staying up so late reading sometimes… it is the only time i can just read and do nothing else! once the baby bettys are in school, i swear i am going to beg mr. betty to let me stay home for 6 months before finding a job so that i can just READ IN PEACE. do you think he’ll go for it? haha
    oh, and you are so right about good coffee. coffee does make everything better. i am off to check out this coffitivity you speak of.

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    Oh, yes, coffee! That’s why I like to blog at a coffee shop when I can–that jolt of caffeine helps me to get a lot done!

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